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(damn lol_meme lyrics shift...)

(Gotta admit, though, every time I hear that song I can't stop imagining a SM henshin/attack vid set to it. xD)

Well, I think I can say with certainty that [ profile] sm_monthly just isn't going to happen. It's a pity, because I've been having a lot more fun with Silver Millennium ideas lately and I had really hoped to complete this month, but I'm so far behind now and not motivated enough to catch up. :\ (Plus, I really liked the last two ficlets I posted and I didn't get any comments on them. ;P Yes, an attention whore is me.) Sucks, but there it is. I just have too much going on right now.

On another note, I have a couple of fast bento lunches to share. ^^

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I need three more lunches to finish off this run of night shifts, I'm hoping to get them all together tomorrow afternoon.
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First of all, I really need someone to go to Avenue Q with me. My sister's not interested and this is not the kind of thing I want to see with my dad. Normally I'd just go alone, but this seems like the sort of show that would be a lot more fun with friends. Any interested locals on my flist?

I haven't been online much this week. I finally finished backreading on LJ, but I still have a lot of comments to reply to. @_@ I had the past three days off, but I mostly spent them lazing around and taping the Futurama marathon. ^^; I did go to my dad's Thursday for dinner and to exchange gifts, and he gave me the most awesome present ever:

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So now it'll be obvious what I'm up to when I'm driving to cons. xD

One of my gifts to Dad was the new Futurama DVD movie, which I'm looking forward to borrowing. :3 I finally read the details on Futurama's comeback, though, and discovered the "new season" is just the new movies split into episodes, which I think is kind of a rip. Oh well. :\

Friday I had dinner with my aunts and one of my cousins, which was great. We don't see each other very often, even though we all live in the Twin Cities. At first it was just going to be me and one aunt, so I could see her new apartment and give her the final chapters of "Against All Odds," but then I had the idea to invite my cousin and her mom ended up joining us as well. It was good times, good food and good conversation. Then later I started work on a new main page and default theme for .moon, and made bento!

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I finally managed to make all five bento in advance! :D

And now, of course, my sister's insisting on taking me out to dinner tonight since she's been out of town all week and misses me. -_- So I'm going to end up giving my extra lunch to her... but which one do I let go? ;_;
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(Why are only offline friends commenting on my lyrics-guessing meme post? Where are all the music fans on my flist? o_O)

I'm so bored lately. I have plenty of stuff to do, but none of it appeals to me. I need something new to get passionate about. :\

I had planned to post bento pictures today, but I ended up with Mystery Bento! Of potential DOOM! Scary mysterious bento... o.o The last two days I got up two hours early to try to make bento for this five-night run I'm in the middle of right now, but I was trying new recipes and totally screwing them up, so as of last night I'd still only managed to finish two bento lunches of the seven I needed. I planned to get up early again today and finish up, now that I had the main courses ready. But as I was waking up today, my sister came in and told me she had finished the bento so I could sleep. She even cleaned up the mess I'd left in the kitchen after last night's disaster. How nice! ^______^

But she forbade me to look in the bento to see what she'd put in there. So I have Mystery Bento of Mysteriousness. There's one in the work fridge right now for later tonight, but I have no idea what's in there. Should be interesting. She also used the as-yet-unused totoro bento box, but she said that one's for Christmas. I'm curious...

Speaking of Christmas, I have some overdue thanks to gush out. ^^ I got holiday cards from [ profile] amazonqueenkate, [ profile] teh_maskmaid, [ profile] faithfullove and [ profile] saphrian. Thanks so much, guys! (I hope I'm not missing anyone, I gathered up all the cards I could find in a hurry before leaving for work this evening.) [ profile] saphrian, your handwriting is amazing! I'm so jealous! *_* Mine's so plain and boring. ;_;

I also got a pretty Japanese card from [ profile] misscheeveeuss, along with something off my wishlist - a set of four Hello Kitty mayonnaise cups (sauce containers) for my bento boxes! YAY! Thank you so much! Now I can have veggie dip and barbecue sauce and fun stuff like that. :D If anyone else was planning to send me some, don't worry, I can always use more. ^^ (BTW, kelleh... you know there's a translation on the back of the card, right? ^^;)

Speaking of the wishlist meme, I also got two great virtual gifts from [ profile] heavenly_pearl. One was the super-happy icon I'm using on this post, which I know I'll find a ton of uses for. ^^ The other was the indulgence of my moment of ego weakness - a page for myself on the Fanhistory wiki. ^^;; link! Thanks again, Yumeko.

I was thinking about the Fanhistory wiki the last couple of days. I'd been wanting a page there for a while because I'm an attention whore, but it's bad form to make your own pages. Even now, I'd like to add more info to the page, but it seems wrong because it's my page. Which makes sense, except, is there anyone out there besides me who could write a timeline of my involvement in fandom? It's a big catch-22; it's totally egotistical to write your own pages, but if you don't, the wiki will remain incomplete.

I like the Fanhistory wiki and I wish there was more information on there, but I have a feeling many people who would like to help are running into the same problems. The only person you're really fully qualified to write about is yourself. Still, it would be good to get some more information on there, particularly about modern Sailormoon fandom. There's not a lot on there about the fandom as I've known it in recent years. (And I could be wrong, but I believe I'm friends with most of the key figures in SM fandom today as far as fanfiction is concerned, and none of you are on there.)

So I was thinking... what if a bunch of us got together and added to the wiki with information about each other? That way we wouldn't be writing about ourselves, but the info would still get in there, which I feel is important for some strange reason. (Can't really explain why myself. ^^; But I know there are a lot of people who believe SM fandom died years ago and have no idea there is still fic being written. Things are definitely going downhill, and I think it would be right to have a "We were here" stamp, somewhere.) Anyone out there interested in collaborating on this?
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Finally, it's Return of the Bento Boxes! :D

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And now it's past my bedtime... but this episode of House has really sucked me in. o.o
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I'm thinking about giving this LiveJournal thing another try.

I've never been much of a journal person, and I'm still not, but I kind of miss hanging around here. Commenting on other people's lives and not posting anything of my own just isn't the same. Plus I think someday I might like to have a record of what I was doing and thinking during this period of my life to look back on. Still, it's scary. I know what my tendencies are and what I will eventually do, and I wonder if it's worth it, and I... Damn it, I am too old for this crap. I never get anywhere because I waste my entire life being wishy-washy about every little thing. I must be the most pathetic person on the planet. -_-

Anyway, whether I decide to use it more or not, I changed my LJ layout. I'd been using the same blog layout since I first started with WordPress, and it was starting to bore me. I know I'm taking another risk by using one of my cosplay pictures in the header, but that's one thing I'm actually solid on for once in my life. I look how I look, that's just the way it is, and I worked hard on this costume and I have fun wearing it. If anyone objects to that, that's their problem, not mine. (I am tempted to Photoshop the bun into a better position, though. xP)

On a much lighter note, my new bento boxes and supplies arrived today from Japan! :D

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So now I have five boxes, and I'm all set to make all the ones I need in advance no matter what my work schedule's like that week. I'm off the next five days, but I'm looking forward to using the new boxes this weekend. :D
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Time for some bento catchup! :D

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I'm still short a couple of bento boxes, so I have to wash them in the middle of a work run and refill them... but not for long, I ordered two new ones from >)
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Gratuitous new icon usage :D

Bentos for the weekend! They're not as diverse as usual, but I ended up with a lot less left over this time around. I think I'm learning to make the right amount of food. :)

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I have the dragonfly bento with me tonight. :)

Oct. 20th, 2007 05:53 pm
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Hrrrrm I don't have a good lyric right now and I gotta make this fast.

Yesterday I made bento lunches for the rest of my run of day shifts, plus one for my sister. I read on [ profile] bentolunch that Dollar Tree stores have Hello Kitty bento boxes for $1! These things usually cost around $15 online. o_o I rushed over and got one of each color, so now I have three for myself and I can make multiple boxes in one go. The pink box is for my sister. ^^

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I had the onigiri box today and ate the onigiri nori and all, so maybe the flavor of nori isn't my problem after all. :\
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I rescued my food pick! :D Thanks to Kats, who gave me the courage to stick my hand in the garbage disposal. ^^;; Scary ._. but I have my pick back! Hooray! :D

And now, today's bento. ^^

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I have a couple of days off now, so no more bento until the weekend. I still don't have the courage to start plastering my meals all over [ profile] bentolunch >.>


Oct. 16th, 2007 06:29 am
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I just realized I probably lost the cute little blue food pick from my bento down the sink yesterday.

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OMFG. On the way home I saw a billboard advertising Avenue Q - it's going to be here! I have to see it! But argh, the old dilemma of who do I see it with. I'm not going to this particular show with my dad. ^^;;

Anyway, the real reason for this post - I made my first bento! Gotta show off! :D

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I think I've figured out my problem, though - I think I dislike the taste of nori. :| So that's probably what bugged me about sushi, and it screws me over for most furikake and onigiri. :(

Still, bento is fun. I'm about to make tomorrow's. :)


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