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Name:Dejana Talis
Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:Minnesota, United States of America

I'm Dejana. I'm a techie, a geek, a fangirl, and an aspiring writer. I've been in internet fandom since 1996.

I welcome new LJ friends, but please allow me some time to get to know you before wanting me to friend you back.

I'm a horrible procrastinator. I say and do incredibly stupid things sometimes. But I'm also a loyal and supportive friend. :)

I have a tendency to attempt a little of everything, whether or not I have time for it.

I write angst. Largely gen, occasionally romance, but almost always angst. I have the most fun finding the darker side of fluffy canons. I wrote mainly Sailormoon fanfiction from 2003 to 2007, but am now trying my hand at other fandoms.

My awards for fanfiction were beginning to flood my profile. ^^;; You can see them on my personal website by clicking here.

I've been designing and running various websites since 1996. Currently my main projects are:

My other projects generally see progress whenever I feel motivated to work on them.

  • AMVs. You can find them on my personal website.
  • Icons. Occasionally posted in my journal, but usually available on my personal website.
  • Cosplay. I'm new to this, but am enjoying it so far.
  • thechibisenshi. A (sadly neglected) webcomic of sorts.
In addition, I attend far more fan conventions than is healthy, and am on staff at Anime Detour. I used to run a mailing list and a couple of RPGs, but those days are long gone.

I'm also on JournalFen, but I only post there when I have something fandom-related to ramble about.

In this journal you will typically find

  • Update records from
  • Announcements of new fanstuff I've created.
  • Convention reports.
  • Rambling.
If any of this interests you, feel free to say hello. I try to respond to all comments. :)

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