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This is for [ profile] yuletide.

Dear Yuletide Writer,

I am one of those awful Yuletide participants who writers really hate to get matched with, as evidenced by the dreadful lateness of this letter. If you've already started, no worries, because I'm open to anything. That's the other half of why I'm a lousy match; I pick fandoms out of curiosity, not because there's a particular pairing or setup I want. My apologies for being doubly half-assed. /o\

If you're really hurting for inspiration, I'll see if I can come up with something here...

I'm a pretty solid canon person. I'm not crazy about AU/AR scenarios unless it's a "what if?" timeline bender. I'm not a shipper, but I'm open to pretty much any pairing as long as the story contains some plot outside of the romance. I don't usually read hardcore stuff, but if that's what's best for the story, I won't be turned away by it. I have a major soft spot for angst and bittersweet endings, particularly the "dark side of 'happily ever after'" variety. I'm fine with a bit of fluff now and then, though, if that's more your thing. The only thoughts I have on the fandoms specifically are as follows:

9 (movie)

I'd most like to see something of life in the hideout before the movie, or a "where do we go from here" story after the movie. Bonus points if 7 is involved.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery - Le Petit Prince

I have to admit I picked this one out of pure curiosity, just to see what might be done with it. Anything that captures the spirit of the source material will be fine.

Arthur Miller - The Crucible

What has always stuck in my mind about the play is its illustration of how quickly a false accusation can spiral into an out-of-control, destructive situation, particularly in groups of young people who want to feel accepted by their peers/go on a power trip/avoid punishment. It's a phenomenon I've witnessed several times in real life. Something about that experience from the inside would be interesting.

The Colbert Report

I'd like to see Stephen on some kind of crusade, fighting for some misguided cause he passionately believes in.

But again, I'm open to pretty much anything, so if you already have an idea or you've already started writing, feel free to disregard the above and go ahead with your plan. When I marked "Any" I really did mean "Any." :)

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Thanks in advance, and sorry again for the late letter. >_<
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