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I'm back again for Chad Darnell's 12 of 12. This month the 12th fell on a work day again, so the pics are pretty blah. Last set working my current job, though.

1:05 AM: On my "lunch" break, outside by my car in the parking lot. About to make a run to the grocery store. ♥ 24-hour grocery stores ♥

1:10 AM: I almost splurged on expensive raspberries, then remembered I can have all the raspberries I want for free this weekend at my mom's. :9 I splurged on an ice cream treat instead. Tsk, tsk.

1:30 AM: Returning to work. It's my second-to-last night shift, ever. After five and a half years of working in this building, I will only be here one more week.

1:45 AM: [ profile] shel_b_129 turned me on to Lean Cuisine meals. Much tastier than Smart Ones, IMO. I'm trying to be good and save money by sticking to frozen meals instead of getting fast food all the time. Even five dollar footlongs add up.

2:50 AM: I'm sorry, Clint, but you're way too old for her.

Don't pick on me, I watch my ticket queue too. ;P

4:50 AM: My last 12 working in this building.

6:05 AM: The mornings are getting darker already.

6:15 AM: Hello, spider making a home on my neighbor's mailbox. Goodbye, rent check.

6:20 AM: I've noticed a bunch of people posting pictures of their desks lately, so here's mine. New computer's currently up on the desktop, where the printer should be, because the Detour Ops PC's still taking up the desk's tower compartment.

There are three computers in the above picture, and you can't even see the Ops PC. More geek cred. :D

6:30 AM: Reading before sleep. I have Making Money, Wintersmith, and Nation to get through before the Discworld convention in three weeks. Yargh.

5:10 PM: Up again. It's my last morning in the afternoon. Cinnamon raisin toast for "breakfast."

5:25 PM: My sister's coming home from her job as I'm heading off to mine.

5:40 PM: Geese on the lawn on my way to my last night. No more heading into work at 6 PM, or leaving it at 6 AM, after today.

Next month I will most likely be at the Renaissance Festival on the 12th, so the pictures should be more than awesome enough to make up for this boring batch. :D

Date: Aug. 13th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
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I remember some of those sights. *sigh*

Is a Dej's house and I've been! *hugs*


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