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You may have noticed I'm barely around lately. It's a combination of factors. I became really disenchanted with the world at large recently, but I've mostly gotten over that by deciding to be over it. So now it's more that LJ doesn't grab my interest like it used to. These days I'm more interested in doing things than being social, so I end up not visiting here for days at a time and feeling like I'm always behind and out of the loop. I can't remember what I used to post here, aside from con reports and fics, or think of what I should post. It's been mostly Twitter for me, since I can fire off a one-liner there and move on instead of spending half an hour trying to come up with enough material for an LJ post. I'll probably get interested in LJ again at some point, but in the meantime it's going to be few and far between from me. :\

In fact, I can't even remember what else I was going to say in this post. Oh, I got a new computer and a bunch of new software toys to play with, but since it runs Vista, I have a lot of headaches to solve before you'll see any product. I sprained my knee last weekend falling down the stairs at my friend's place, and it's still costing me a lot of sleep. I have a meeting tomorrow to figure out the schedule for transitioning to my new job, but I'll be in my current job through the end of August, and probably on regular day hours for training for a couple of months after that. I'm hoping to still fit in the Discworld convention (and a meetup with [ profile] alexielnet!) but that hinges on what New Boss says tomorrow. I'm very tired, and old anchors are weighing me down. But I've been writing again, and I have a bunch of new project ideas I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

These are very late, but I took the pictures, I'm posting them. :P I don't have the original files on me to get the timestamps, but if I don't go ahead with this post now, I'll probably never do it. So here goes. I'll edit the times in later.

12 of 12: May

I was working night shifts during this set.

Shortly after midnight. I had to run home on my lunch break for some reason, so I brought my sister some McDonalds and had some of the garlic bread that she made. I remember the McDonalds was disappointing. It usually is, heh.

Back at work. Working on my fic for [ profile] sm_fanswap (now posted a couple entries down as "Silent All These Years").

Sunrise near the end of my shift.

An assortment of flowers I ordered as cosplay props for AN. We didn't end up using them at all, heh.

My comfy bed was waiting for me.

Waking up to a bunch of backlogged Twitter updates.

Working on the last addition to the Silence Glaive prop. I think I was sanding the knob I added to the joint. Hairy arm ahoy! I'm such a beast. -_- Also sporting the bandage from slicing into my thumb, which must've happened pretty recently at this point.

My sister and a couple of our cuddly friends, hee.

Finished the shoulder strap decorations for Shel's Princess Saturn dress.

My sister made an impromptu Thanksgiving-style dinner! Mmm, stuffing.

One of my many runs to the fabric store.

Back at work. More [ profile] sm_fanswap writing, more design work for Kasey's Princess Serenity dress. I don't think I'd even started it at this point. x_x Such a miracle that I was able to get it done...

12 of 12: June

Finally, the 12th fell on one of my trips out of town. I was staying at my friend's new place, a nice three-story duplex.

The 12th was the day TV networks in my hometown finally switched over to digital. No converter box on the TV in my friend's room.

The sunlight looked nice through the curtains downstairs.

Lots of lilac bushes around.

Made a run out to my mom's house to bring her some stuff. Our doggie ♥

Lunch with [ profile] jambosana at a Chinese buffet.

My sister had asked me to pick up some of this, which apparently can't be found in the Cities.

Back at my friend's place. My godson picking out a movie.

Dropping [ profile] jambosana off at her apartment. The flagpole outside is lit nicely at night.

Heading back out west, through downtown just for the heck of it, I think.

My friend's place again. Conan doing the Tonight Show. Finally eating the cupcake I took home from my dad's wedding. My first taste of fondant. Not impressed.

The ceiling in my friend's room. I love textures.

Working on a much-needed rewrite of "Flash" before sleep.

12 of 12: July

Another 12 up north. It was Sunday, the last day of my visit.

Good morning, teddy bear.

Not long after this picture, I was bringing my suitcase and pillows downstairs when I slipped on the staircase, slid down half the stairs and twisted my knee. Something definitely went POP in there. Ouch, ouch, OUCH. After wearing sandals all week I just HAD to decide to wear socks on the last day. Wah. The injury felt potentially serious, but I didn't want the rest of my 12 to be in a hospital, plus I still haven't paid for my previous ER visit and didn't want to rack up another bill. And it was a good friend's birthday and I had promised to go to her birthday gathering. I was able to walk OK and there wasn't any swelling or bruising, so I decided to suck it up, at least for the day. I even agreed to do some extra errands...

At Menards, picking up some things for my mom. Pretty lighting department.

On my way out east.

Driving past downtown.

It's a small comfort to know that no matter how many damn condos they shove between the freeway and the lake, there will always be the view from Lemon Drop Hill.

Another picture of our dog out at my mom's. My aunt was visiting, and when I told her about the 12 of 12 she wanted to be in the picture.

I spent a fair amount of time that week sorting through the remaining stuff I had left at my mom's when I moved to the Cities. In a paper bag of miscellany I found this sadly flawed print, in a package of others from the same summer. I really regret not keeping in touch with more of these people. There's only [ profile] alexielnet, now. Curse my correspondence laziness.

I finally made it out to my friend's birthday gathering, where her daughter and her mother were having some fun with a table umbrella and the garden hose. xD (Photo taken from inside the screen house.) I chatted with some potential new geek friends. :)

The ASUS Eee PC is so handy for running the .moon weekly update in a hurry on the way out of town. xP The downtown library has a wireless network now, so I don't have to leech off the Holiday Inn anymore, heh.

Heading south toward home. Thanks to cruise control, I didn't have trouble driving, so despite the knee injury it was a good day.

Taking a break for dinner at the halfway mark. I'd been working steadily on a new story all week. :)

When I pulled into the garage shortly before midnight, I found a friendly face waiting for me in the shelter of our unused entertainment center. ^___^

My knee is still iffy. I did end up seeing a doctor before work on Monday, but since there wasn't any swelling and it moved OK in all the normal ways, he pronounced it a sprain that should be fine in a couple of weeks. It's been a week now, though, and I'm not sure if it's really that much better. Sleeping is still a struggle and mobility comes and goes. If it's not significantly better by Wednesday, I may have to go back in for an MRI. :\
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