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It's amusing the things you find when you're packing. My long-lost Sailor Pluto keychain, for example (yay!). A wedding invitation I never sent back the RSVP to (I suck). Some gift checks from my grandma that I never cashed (I really suck). My Kunzite/Endymion pr0n. >.> And the Dark is Rising series, which I didn't even realize I owned.

I've mostly just been packing, and stuff. I paid my first month's rent and picked up the keys for the new place. It's just as gorgeous as it was when I first saw it, and just as scary. I'm staying positive, though. I crunched the numbers again and I can easily afford it as long as I don't go nuts with my money. Or lose my job. Utilities seem to be having trouble recognizing that my new address does, in fact, exist. I suppose that's what happens when you live in a manufactured community.

I completely forgot about the 12 of 12 this month. I opened up my date book on Friday, noticed it was the 13th, and said "Crap." It was going to be my last 12 in my current home, too. Oh well.

What else was I going to say? Oh, I saw Watchmen. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to reading the graphic novel. Also saw Push. Enjoyed it more than Watchmen, to be honest. Both fun flicks, though. It's good to see Dakota Fanning having a career.

Also, a lesson. Never check your LJ on your sister's computer and forget to clear the browser history.

I didn't bother redoing our dry-erase calendar this month, so some reminders for myself this week:

Sunday: Anime Detour staff meeting, AnimeIowa hotel reservation, packing and work. Pick up a final batch of boxes. Pick up package from apartment office, notify them of moving plans.
Monday: 3 PM insurance appointment, 4 PM massage appointment, work
Tuesday: Packing and work
Wednesday: Drop off first month's insurance payment. Pester Comcast. Get all furniture ready to move. Empty all drawers, clear and clean all surfaces, disassemble what can be disassembled. Mail change of address notices.
Thursday: Move
Friday: Get paid, pay bills. Visit license center and bank to have address changed. Change address for other services online. Get the broken computer problem sorted once and for all. New phone line being turned on. Cable hookup appointment?
Saturday: Erick's Anime Detour pre-party
Sunday: Anime Detour badge assembly party

I just noticed the top cloud in my icon disappears sooner than it should when it passes behind the dragon, and now I can't stop noticing it. Hate when that happens.
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lol poasting from the airport

I'm on my way to Seattle for my friend's wedding. Flying Alaska Airlines, of all things. I'm still getting used to Northwest not having a monopoly at MSP anymore. I'll be gone until Sunday, but I should be online off and on. This little laptop is so handy!

Yesterday I signed the lease on my new place. There are some things about it that make me a little nervous, especially with the economy the way it is, but I think it'll work out well. I really love the place and I'm looking forward to feeling like I have a house of my own. :) We'll be moving in after March 15th.

I saw Coraline last night, it was great! I haven't read the book, so I don't know how it compares, but the plot was really interesting and the animation was amazing. I liked it more than Mirrormask, which I feel a little bad about since Mirrormask was an original story that Gaiman worked on directly, but there it is.

When I get back, I'll be closing off the seconding option for the UFOs and finalizing the list of 2008 entries, so if you're at all interested in that, be sure to go over the nominees list one more time.
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Some quick updates.

I spent the middle of the week up north. I found a cheap hotel deal, so I treated myself in exchange for working so much overtime and cutting my credit card debt in half. (The interest charge for next month is still high though, wtf? I'm starting to suspect shenanigans.) I had some friends over and we made much use of the pool. I also took my mom to a couple of haunted house things. Yes, the Haunted Shack is better than this year's Ship of Ghouls.

I had some time to kill on Thursday so I went to see City of Ember. It was a fun movie, if a bit shallow. I like post-Apocalyptic puzzle-solving stories (yes, even Waterworld), so. The structure and society of Ember were interesting enough all on their own.

Friday, back in the Cities, I went to a local alumni event organized by my college. I normally toss the fliers they send me, but this time the speaker was one of my favorite professors. So I went, and got to catch up with him and his wife, another of my favorites. I exchanged anime with them when I was in school, so I was able to tell them about Detour without getting a confused or pitying response, haha.

Speaking of anime, tonight I finally finished The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. There were a few episodes I really liked, but on the whole, I still don't understand why everyone's so crazy about this series.

I stopped taking my heart medication. I forgot for two days in a row, and I didn't notice any difference without it, so. I'd never been confident it was making a difference anyway. My doctor, when I had one, had said it was OK to stop taking it if it wasn't helping or I didn't need it anymore, so I'm not worried.

Oh, and my Azumanga Daioh AMV got TOSed off YouTube as well, also from the music end. At least the "Against All Odds" tribute vid is safe; I got a notice a while back that the Cranberries (or their label, at least) had given the official OK for their music to be used in vids. Go, them.

For anyone who might have missed it, I'm doing NaNo. Friend me there if you want.

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Where have I been?

Working, mostly, in the real-life and fandom sense. I had only two days off this week and now I'm back at work for six night shifts in a row. Three of them are overtime, though. :D I'm finally going to take a serious chunk off my credit card debt (just in time to add it back on at Christmas, heh...). I have a pretty easy time working nights, there's plenty of opportunity to get lots of things done, but for some reason this week I'm really tired. The last couple of days I've had a terrible time getting out of bed, plus I've been having really crazy dreams. Like really crazy. Stuff even my subconscious hadn't thought about in years, or so I thought. Today some vile woman said horrible things to me as I was missing the plane for my high school choir's international reunion tour, and I had to buy my own ticket and catch up with them across the Atlantic.

I wonder if this is a consequence of productivity, which I had forgotten. Even though I'm terribly exhausted at wake-up time, I get home and try to go to bed and end up lying awake for two hours thinking about all the things I'm going to do after I sleep. This morning I figured out how to handle the account expiration process on .moon, which is incredibly useful, but still. I need to sleep, dammit! >(

Still, give me productivity any day. As relaxing as having nothing to worry about may be, I still prefer the feeling of accomplishment that comes with actually getting things done (albeit by a narrow margin - god I'm tired ;_;). I've been getting tons of work done over on .moon. This week I applied a new main page and default theme, and they were actually done and ready days in advance! Score one against the eternal procrastinator! :D (Go there and take a look if you haven't seen it already, I really like the new design. ^_^) No progress in any other hobby arena as of yet, but I'm getting so much work done at .moon I don't even have time to stay caught up on LJ. Thank you, backlog of creative desire that was held up by the UFOs. xD

I did take a break Thursday to see Eagle Eye. I have no idea what the critics thought of it, or anyone else for that matter, but I really enjoyed it. The elements of the plot were nothing new (Aria/HAL, anyone? plus a sprinkling of the Matrix and just about any terrorism movie you might care to name) but they were assembled in a way that felt new and was definitely entertaining and interesting. If anyone else out there saw it, it seemed from a brief mention of the brother's graduation date that Eagle Eye takes place 20 years or so in the future, did I hear that right?

Also, I think I've finished all the volumes of Fruits Basket I had, which seems to be seven, I thought I had more. :( Can anyone rec me some fic about Tohru's mom? Something involving her Red Butterfly days? Because man, is that ever cool. xD

(My mom, btw, has her phone back, but things there are pretty much same-old same-old. Not much you can do about a situation like that.)

ETA: Oh, also, I decided to give it a shot this year despite my weird schedule. We'll see what happens.

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I just got back from seeing Hancock. Good times. It's fun, full of surprises, funny, and original, which is a very rare thing in this day and age. There were some overly drawn-out repetitive shots which had me going "We get it already!" but that's the only flaw that grated on me. Very entertaining stuff. :)

Spent the rest of the day pretty much doing nothing. I need to do something creative with my time, I'm antsy... but nothing's grabbing me. Been pretty depressed today, but the movie helped.
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I'm pretty sure I've used this lyric before, but too bad. Out of the whole damn show it's the line that sticks me the most.

So what have I been doing over the past week... or, more accurately, since the 12th? Let's be incredibly lame and go into bulleted-list mode! :D

  • Went up north for a few days.

  • Went to see The Happening. It was stupid. The more I think about it, the more I think it sucks. I officially give up on Shyamalan.

  • Went to a little Renaissance faire with [ profile] jambosana. Had fun and got some cool stuff. I've decided this is the year I'm going to get a dress.

  • Took my dad out for Dim Sum on Father's Day. Never had that before. It was fun and yummy and pleasantly drama-free, thank goodness. Picked on my dad for being the only person at the table who couldn't use chopsticks. Heh.

  • Went to the Detour staff picnic. Chatted with friends until they left, then spent the rest of the evening making half-assed attempts to butt in on the conversations of people who are still essentially strangers to me. In other words, the usual. Meh.

  • Work, work, and more work.

  • Rolling along on the ASMR recovery project. Got some essays in. Sadly, I'm neglecting .moon for this, and with the rise of that's becoming more of a potential concern. Unfortunately, there's only me, so... *shrug* At least I'm being productive at something?

  • Went to see Get Smart. It was surprisingly fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed it.

  • Went to dinner with my aunt. Got to talking about new fanfics I'm working on (she's read AAO). Agreed to get her a copy of my new epic when it's ready. Realized later that might not be a good idea, as it will contain yuri. >.>

  • Met Ashaela (aka Ice Princess/The Perpetual Lurker), my primary beta-reader, at long last! :D She had a layover in the Twin Cities airport on Saturday, and braved the extra pass through security to come out and meet me. ^___^ I fear it might have been a bit awkward, as I'm boring and fail at first meetings ._. but still, yay! And she agreed to beta my new epic! Double yay!

  • Went to RENT with [ profile] pkat. It was my fourth time seeing it on stage. Pretty good, except Collins was a tenor (he was good, but the octave shift threw me off) and Mark was using his own natural tone instead of a Mark-tone. Still, overall good production. And Maureen and Joanne were excellent, and their chemistry is one of my favorite things about the show, so. >)

  • Back at work today for my usual DEAR GOD I'M TIRED first day shift of the run. And that about sums it up.
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*squee!* OMG! (and why do I not have any Death Note icons?)

I just found out about this! The Death Note live-action movie is going to be in town for two showings May 20th and 21st! I have the 20th off because it's the night before I leave for Anime North, mwahaha. It's going to be dubbed, which will be weird, but I'll live. I'm absolutely going. :D :D :D

May 20th at 7:30. I'll probably be buying tickets in advance to make sure I get in. Since I'm going to be sneaking off from packing for the con, I'll probably be going to the Eagan location, which is closest for me (but if half of Detour or whatever ends up aiming for another theatre, I'm flexible). Has to be Tuesday the 20th, though, as I'll be in Michigan the night of the 21st. I know I hardly have anyone local on my flist, but if you are... :3
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Had a good weekend.

After spending my first day off last week lazing around, I decided I really need to get out more. So on Saturday I got some exercise, took a shower, and then went over to the Mall of America to see if B&N had the last volume of Absolute Boyfriend, which I've been told is being sent out already. They didn't (Tuesday is "new stuff" day there, according to the cashiers) but I did pick up the final volume of Genshiken, which I'd completely forgotten about. Then I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday (mmm, salad bar) and went to see The Forbidden Kingdom. It was... okay. Pretty cheesy, and in unexpected ways since the ads tell you NOTHING about the plot, but it was fun enough and had a good ending. And I would LOVE to make the witch lady's costume for someone. OMG. *_*

Saturday was the Anime Detour volunteer party, to which staff are invited. I didn't go last year, so this was my first time at one of these things. I was there from 6 PM to 2 AM. xD Lots of food (you may now stab me for not eating the free sushi), fun people, and a chance to see the Evangelion: Redeath parody. I hadn't seen it since Otakon 2006. Mostly I listened to people talk, because I'm still quieter than I should be, and that's what I do, but someone suggested a new fanfic-related idea for next year that I'm really excited about. >3

Sunday was a return to lazy days. I watched The Return of the King, which finished off my run of finally watching the extended LOTR trilogy. I'd owned it for years and never watched the thing. >.> Then in the evening we picked up my mom from the bus station. My sister's taking her on a vacation to Chicago for a week. (Apartment to myself until Friday, yay!) They should be getting on the train right about now, in fact. I had to get up extra early this morning to take them to the Amtrak station before work. And my lovely sister didn't tell me how far away the station was, so I underestimated how long it would take to get there and was a bit late for work. Sigh. -_-

Also, thanks to the Detour party I couldn't switch back properly from being nocturnal, so last night's "sleep" was dozing off and on for four hours. x_x Today's going to be a long day...
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I haven't been doing much this week, just lazing around and recovering. Since Detour, I've been feeling really weak and dizzy. Annoying. I think whatever I've been running on is running out. :\

I finally stopped dreaming about the con. xD Hard to think that now we start the whole thing all over again. I got mailing addresses for all but one of the remaining fanfiction contest awards, so I only have one Judge's Choice certificate left to send out. I also finished putting together the PDFs of the contest entries, but I sent the drabble contest file out to the authors to make sure I'd typed everything correctly, so I'm giving them until tomorrow to respond before I put it up on the website. And then I'll be all done with everything from 2008. :D

My sister and I finally got a chance to see Vantage Point. I liked it. And it had a line that instantly jumped onto my "favorite movie lines" list:

"We need to act strong!"
"No, we need to be strong."

And now that I've caught up on JF, I'm thinking about maybe going to this. The official website is pretty unimpressive, but I'm intrigued by the description. I could make it on the 17th.
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Guess what I have today? MEETINGS! Hooray! And it's my first day shift, so I'm already really tired! Oh joy! I haven't been sleeping well lately, so that doesn't help either. -_-

Had a good weekend, though. Friday seems to have disappeared, I can't remember what I did that day. Oh wait, haha. My dad came over and we went to see Be Kind, Rewind. Fun movie. It was funny and smart for the most part, and didn't have an impossibly perfect ending. I enjoyed it. Although I'm going a bit crazy now wondering if the characters were really saying what I thought they were saying at a certain bit. For a minute my attention to the dialogue lapsed, and the next thing I knew I was thinking "Wait, did she really just ask if he was in love with him?" Anyone else see this yet? Did I mishear?

Saturday night was Anime Madness mk. II, and it was much more successful than last time. With eight people, we had double the headcount of the first try. We filled the whole sectional and still needed more seating. Fun times! :D

I seem to have learned something about the Detour folks and advance notice. Give lots of planning time, get a handful. Give a mere week's notice, get a crowd. o_O

I also found some time in there to repaint the two rod sections of my Sailor Pluto staff. I still have to sand down and repaint the top, but I'm in good shape on this project. I added the clear coat on Sunday, which should be completely safe to handle when I get home from work today, but I may need another coat of that depending on how it turns out. Man, it's beautiful. I absolutely love this prop. I also started mixing the Sharpie ink dye for my new wig, which should be ready to use tonight.

Sunday was my sister's concert, she's in a community band in the northern suburbs. After that I was at Kale's the rest of the evening working on The Plan, of which there can be no details beyond the happy fact that good progress is being made. >3

Speaking of Detour, I got enough entries to go ahead with the new fanfic contest! I was worried for a while that there might not be enough, but people do love to submit their stories at the last minute. We definitely have enough entries to at least choose one winner, if not the full three. Happy joy! :D

Jan. 18th, 2008 08:13 pm
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So, what's been going on?

I've been doing a lot of nothing this week. I've been off since Monday evening, and am back at work tonight. About all I've accomplished this week is organizing the Futurama episodes I taped off the final Adult Swim marathon and getting the fanfiction contest info up on the Anime Detour website. (That's FINALLY done, WHEW! Advertising time! :D) My sister talked me into going to the pool a couple of times, so that was a bit of extra fun.

Last night I went to two movies within a few hours. xD Both were awesome. First up was El Orfanato (The Orphanage), from the producer of Pan's Labyrinth. Personally I think I liked this one better than Pan's. Very nicely done. It's a chilling thriller/ghost story type, sort of along the lines of The Others. A very clever story, and all the eerie fun of ghost-horror without the blood and gore. I really enjoyed it.

While at the theater I noticed it would be showing Cloverfield at midnight, which I hadn't been extremely interested in but my sister and I decided to go for the heck of it. And man, am I glad I did. It was AMAZING. Gripping from beginning to end. I've seen some criticism of the amateur-film style and casual dialogue, but in my opinion, it made the movie feel a lot more real. In a monster-attack situation you're not going to have 100% enthralling shots and plot-rich conversation. The acting felt really natural, which IMHO made it more of a shared experience than a spectator sport. Got a little motion sickness from the bouncing camera, though. ^^;;

I think the Cloverfield folks have really accomplished something here. This is an age where even the previews tell you the entire plot of the movie when it's barely a blip on the horizon. It's refreshing to have a movie you barely know anything about until it starts, and even then, there's mystery and points for discussion. There were a ton of people in the theater, and when the credits rolled, hardly anyone got up and left until they ended. Everyone immediately turned to their neighbors and started discussing the movie's unanswered questions. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. It was less a story that we were being told than a piece of a mystery we were all sharing in. Great times.

And then I dreamed a natural disaster struck my hometown and I was trying to get downtown to rescue my car, haha...

ETA: Forgot to mention, this may be an inflammatory thing to say, but I'm really annoyed by all the 9/11 comparisons Cloverfield is getting. As a large, high-profile city, New York has always been a favorite target in havoc and mayhem movies. Does it have to be off-limits for eternity now?

Conversely, I'd rather get a feel for what it was like to be there from a fictional movie like this than from an obvious ploy to make a buck off it like World Trade Center.
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"National Treasure" II was total B.S. from beginning to end. I don't mean the subject matter, because, duh. It was more the "WTF just happened?" bad filmmaking kind of B.S.

mild semi-spoilers )

It was a typical "sequel for the sake of sequels" superficial film that belonged in the Indiana Jones reject pile. Entertaining in its way, but bewildering, and therefore disappointing. :\

Moving on... earlier last evening I went to my dad's last concert. He's a grade school music teacher, a career that took him years of going back to college and false starts to get a solid hold on. He'd been teaching at this school for five years, but it was only part-time, and he had a weekend and evening job on the side at a warehouse. The warehouse job suffers from stupid management. Some schedule shuffling was going on, and Dad tried to work out several arrangements with his coworkers that would've worked well for everyone, but they kept getting turned down for no apparent reason. And then they told him he had to go to straight day shifts or be fired.

So, goodbye balancing two jobs. And then the real kick in the pants - he can't afford to quit the warehouse job. His teaching job is only part-time, and the warehouse position pays more, and gives him health insurance. Dad has diabetes and really needs that insurance. So he had to quit his teaching job, which he loved, after years and years of working toward getting a job he loved. Yesterday was his last day teaching and last night was the bands' last concert with him as their director.

Hooray for the Almighty Dollar. What a rotten world to live in, where my dad finally gets a job he loves after years of struggling, and has to give it up thanks to some corporate ultimatum. I almost cried when he told me, it's so unfair. The school is very sad to see him go. The principal had him come up on stage, and gave him a gift from the staff and read some excerpts from some letters of thanks the students had written for him. He got a standing ovation from the parents etc in the audience. Teaching music isn't like teaching history. You build a program with your own two hands, a family with values and traditions that linger for years from class to class. It's always rough when a teacher in a position like that has to go, and it sucks that it has to be for such a stupid reason. Dad was really broken up about it, and I didn't really know what to say to him. I know he was glad to have me at the concert. It's lucky I had the night off.

On a happier note, I called my aunt to get a few addresses for my final Christmas cards and she told me my oldest cousin's wife is expecting a baby. They've been married for years without any children, and now they'll be parents next summer. That's so great for them. :) This will be the first child of my generation in the family.

I know I have some stuff I'm overdue on and some emails that need answering, but it's 4:30 AM and I'm tired. I'll try to get on it tomorrow, but I also have to make seven bento lunches for the weekend, so we'll see.
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And I'm back.

"The Golden Compass" was good, I really enjoyed it. I had heard it was kind of a hack job, but as someone who's never read the books, I was able to follow it without any trouble. It didn't feel hacked to pieces. There was no ending, which was kind of awkward. I know they were setting up for the next movie, but there was too much setup. They should've either stopped sooner or added another finale scene. I felt like they were building toward something that never arrived.

Still, I really liked it. I may pick up the books sometime. In the meantime, I'm excited about "Prince Caspian," hilarious though the presence of that preview on "The Golden Compass" may be. And I found out my local theater is showing "National Treasure" at midnight tomorrow night, so I may jump on that. If I don't, I probably won't be able to see it until after the new year.

After the movie I met up with my sister and a friend of hers at Applebee's, where we had appetizers and listened to some exceptionally bad karaoke. Ugh. x_x I may be seeing more of this particular friend, she's homeless at the moment and my sister's wheedling me into letting her stay with us for a few days. It's the holidays, and she's in a pinch, and I know helping her out is the right thing to do... but I'm still nervous. I don't really know her and I'm worried we're going to be stuck with her longer than I'd like. :S

Aaaaand now I'm home. :)
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There's crap for movies out right now, so we went to the second-run theater and I finally got to see "The Prestige." GREAT movie! Confusing, but everything made sense before too long. Except one thing I'm still fuzzy on. Those of you who've seen the movie, help me out?

spoilers within )

My sister and I were debating it all the way home and we still can't quite decide.
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Reminder: If you'd like a holiday card from me, see this post. Last chance, folks.

I had a great trip up to my hometown last week, although it was so busy I only had time to see my mom and my best friend. It was a week of both exploring new horizons and reconnecting with roots. (Gosh, this entry is really long. I think some cutting is in order. I doubt most of you will want to read about my boring old life anyway. ^^;;)

Wednesday - New apartment and comfy laziness )

Thursday - Alma mater and prep for fun )

Friday - Drug-induced movies o_O )

Saturday - Cultures collide, and relics of the past )

I left early Sunday and got back just in time for the Anime Detour meeting. Con stuff, yay! Upcoming New Year's party, double yay! :D

I still haven't submitted my fanfic contest proposal, though. >.o Hopefully there's still time.

Since then I've been working nights and procrastinating on all the stuff I have to get done for the move...and SMF's been updated again, so now I have to squeeze in an upgrade for .moon too, ugh. So much to do in so many areas and I can't seem to do anything but procrastinate. Of course, having AAO hanging over my head isn't helping. I really wish I'd finished it on time. -_-


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