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And now it's time for...

A POST! Of STUFF that's been GOING ON. zomg

There's a lot of it. It's been a while, and I'm really busy this month.

I had an okay time at Ohayocon. A con report is in order, but I have yet to get around to it. Hopefully I won't forget everything by then... ^^;;

There's one last thing I can try to fix my broken hard drive, but at this point it's pretty definitely dead. My six-month-old backup of my data will have to do. I'm going to send it in to be fixed, since it's still under warranty and I want to sell it to a friend. In the meantime, I bought myself an ASUS Eee PC, one of those new mini laptops. I'd been planning to switch to a desktop/netbook combo in a few months anyway, but I can't afford the desktop at the moment, so I went ahead with the netbook for now. So far, I really love it. It's so light and portable, and can handle just about everything I need to do. I don't dare try Premiere on it, though, so vids are out for the moment.

The UFO Awards are rolling along. I'm behind on getting the nominee badges and some of the notifications sent out, but with two weeks left, I'm confident I can get everything squared away in time to start voting March 1st. I'll probably work on that some more tonight.

House-hunting and packing have been taking up most of my spare time outside of work. Our lease is up at the end of March and I want to rent a townhome for a change of scenery. After a lot of looking around, I found one I absolutely love. It happens to be owned by a retiree from my company, so he's particularly interested in renting it to me. :D I'm going to call the rental agency tomorrow and tell them we want to go for it. I'll have to learn to be a bit more responsible with my money, but I did the math and I should be able to afford it easily without too many changes. ^_^

Speaking of changes, I'm officially leaving the Anime Detour staff after this year's con. I gave my notice, or whatever, to the chairman and my department heads at today's meeting after thinking it over at great length. I don't fit in there, I'm never going to, and I've decided to face that fact and let it go. My dad's disappointed, but everyone else has been pretty understanding. Not being on staff will give me the chance to try other things. Like a Sailor Moon room party in 2010! :D I have big, BIG plans. :D I don't want the fanfic contests to disappear, though, so I'm technically going to be at-con staff in the Programming department so I can keep running those. And I told Ryan I'd chip in if they need extra help with the website. But that's it after April.

This Thursday I'm flying to Seattle for a friend's wedding (and hopefully to see [ profile] killyoudead as well!). I'll be there in time for the bachelorette party, but my friend's pretty religious, so I'm not expecting anything wild. I still have to pick up a wedding gift, but she's registered at a few major stores, so that shouldn't be a problem. After I get back I have a few more nights of work, and then I'll be headed north for my godson's birthday party. Gotta fit in time to get him a present, too. >.o This year's his fifth, so as long as I remember my video camera I'll finally be ready to make the DVD of his first five birthdays like I've been planning. After I get a replacement computer. x_x

I've got the second Ouran set with me tonight, I'll break that open if I get my UFOs work done. I'm hoping to finally see Coraline this Wednesday on my only day off between now and March. @_@

So that's all the news that's fit to print. How is everyone? With all the above, LJ has been the farthest thing from my mind lately.
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Where have I been?

Working, mostly, in the real-life and fandom sense. I had only two days off this week and now I'm back at work for six night shifts in a row. Three of them are overtime, though. :D I'm finally going to take a serious chunk off my credit card debt (just in time to add it back on at Christmas, heh...). I have a pretty easy time working nights, there's plenty of opportunity to get lots of things done, but for some reason this week I'm really tired. The last couple of days I've had a terrible time getting out of bed, plus I've been having really crazy dreams. Like really crazy. Stuff even my subconscious hadn't thought about in years, or so I thought. Today some vile woman said horrible things to me as I was missing the plane for my high school choir's international reunion tour, and I had to buy my own ticket and catch up with them across the Atlantic.

I wonder if this is a consequence of productivity, which I had forgotten. Even though I'm terribly exhausted at wake-up time, I get home and try to go to bed and end up lying awake for two hours thinking about all the things I'm going to do after I sleep. This morning I figured out how to handle the account expiration process on .moon, which is incredibly useful, but still. I need to sleep, dammit! >(

Still, give me productivity any day. As relaxing as having nothing to worry about may be, I still prefer the feeling of accomplishment that comes with actually getting things done (albeit by a narrow margin - god I'm tired ;_;). I've been getting tons of work done over on .moon. This week I applied a new main page and default theme, and they were actually done and ready days in advance! Score one against the eternal procrastinator! :D (Go there and take a look if you haven't seen it already, I really like the new design. ^_^) No progress in any other hobby arena as of yet, but I'm getting so much work done at .moon I don't even have time to stay caught up on LJ. Thank you, backlog of creative desire that was held up by the UFOs. xD

I did take a break Thursday to see Eagle Eye. I have no idea what the critics thought of it, or anyone else for that matter, but I really enjoyed it. The elements of the plot were nothing new (Aria/HAL, anyone? plus a sprinkling of the Matrix and just about any terrorism movie you might care to name) but they were assembled in a way that felt new and was definitely entertaining and interesting. If anyone else out there saw it, it seemed from a brief mention of the brother's graduation date that Eagle Eye takes place 20 years or so in the future, did I hear that right?

Also, I think I've finished all the volumes of Fruits Basket I had, which seems to be seven, I thought I had more. :( Can anyone rec me some fic about Tohru's mom? Something involving her Red Butterfly days? Because man, is that ever cool. xD

(My mom, btw, has her phone back, but things there are pretty much same-old same-old. Not much you can do about a situation like that.)

ETA: Oh, also, I decided to give it a shot this year despite my weird schedule. We'll see what happens.

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Some reminders to myself regarding cosplay.

  • Finish sanding down and repainting my staff. Don't forget the topcoat this time. Goal is to be ready to spraypaint this weekend. Needs: Spraypaint, topcoat, dropcloth.

  • Prepare Sharpie dye for darkening my replacement wig. Goal is to be ready to dye when the new wig arrives (likely this weekend). Needs: Sharpies, bucket, rubbing alcohol.

  • Style my replacement wig.

  • Make earrings. They're just studs, so I'm probably going to stick them on with spirit gum instead of making clip-ons. (My ears aren't pierced.) Needs: Materials (unknown ATM).

  • Obtain necklace. Hopefully Ash will have it ready in time. *crosses fingers*

  • Do a makeup test. I'll be needing feedback from the cosplayers on my flist, so be prepared for me to come bothering you. ;) Needs: Lipstick.

  • Make an improved choker. Needs: Fabric or ribbon.

  • Add a pocket to my dress so I don't have to carry a purse. Needs: Snap fasteners.

  • Add elastic to the top edges of my gloves so they'll stay up better? Needs: Elastic.

  • Figure out how the hell I'm going to get my staff on a plane.
Been a while since I posted. Nothing new going on really, just the usual work and making bentos and doing Detour stuff. It's almost March already. :O I'm both excited and terrified for con season to start. There's so much to be done, and only three weeks - three weeks! - before Anime Boston. Ah, the craziness. My tax refund should be on the way and I got my AMV entries in on time, so thus far I'm reasonably on top of things for a change. I decided at the last minute to try to squeeze in making a new wig, though, so who knows. And of course there's the UFO nominations ending and the Detour fanfic contest submission period closing, and the Anime North fanfic entries to be judged are piling up in my inbox. Crazy times. But I have hope.

Oh, I also need to order new business cards for .moon and myself and get going on the Detour contest prizes. And get my RenFest pictures printed out for Vay. *adds to reminder list* In retrospect, setting the UFOs in spring was not a good idea. @_@

In offline-land, it was my godson's fourth birthday this past weekend. I had to draw a giant Spongebob. I feel tainted. ;_;
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I'm starting to think something may really be wrong with me. After work yesterday I went home, hooked up my laptop, and got online specifically to run the weekly update on .moon. I added [ profile] ayadec's new fandom and cleared the moderating queue, but somehow I forgot to actually run the update. I went to bed and came in this morning thinking it was all taken care of. I would never have realized it if Dec hadn't made a comment. How could I space out on something like that? ._.

On an unrelated but somewhat amusing note, last night I dreamed I was living in a different place with Sue, one of my college roommates, and [ profile] amazonqueenkate was visiting us. There were a whole bunch of obnoxious people over as well for a while, but eventually they left and Kate and I got to hang out. We watched Numb3rs, which for some reason had become a show about a math teacher. o_O Sadly, morning came too soon on that one.

BTW, my iPod died. ;_; As my loyal minions, you'll buy me a new one, right? :D


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It's been insanely cold here lately. I kind of miss the peaceful, overcast, snowy days of Christmastime. The days do seem to be getting longer, though, I saw some pre-dawn light before falling asleep this morning and a bit of dusk after waking up.

Tonight is my last night shift in this rotation. Tomorrow I'm off to my hometown, I've missed the holidays and a couple of birthdays and need to catch up with the people up there. Unfortunately that means half a day of sleep tomorrow, ugh. I've had a hard time waking up these past few days, so that isn't going to be fun.

I'm still aiming to finish the new main page and default theme for .moon in time for the site's secondary birthday this weekend, but as I've spent the past few days doing large amounts of nothing and now I'm going to be out of town, I don't know if that's going to happen. But at least I'm getting a few things done, even if they're not the things I really should be doing.

for [ profile] sm_monthly, January (Silver Millennium), Day 2 (Fireworks)

Title: Sparked Interest
Fandom: Sailormoon
Rating: G
Genre: Romance-y?
Setting: Silver Millennium

when I was a child )
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Now that the major bugs are ironed out @_@

Voting for the 2006 UFO Awards has started! There was some serious chaos this morning when I discovered two major bugs in the system, but now that they're straightened out things seem to be running smoothly. Votes are rolling in and I haven't even notified the nominees yet! :D

Voting is open to everyone, and we have eight eligible categories this year. They are:
  • Firefly

  • Fruits Basket

  • Harry Potter

  • Rurouni Kenshin

  • Sailormoon

  • Veronica Mars

  • Witch Hunter Robin

  • Works in Progress
If you read any of the above fandoms (and there are several different ones in the WIPs as well) head over and vote. ^^ [Clicky!]

At the same time, nominations for 2007 are open! I'll be taking nominations through the end of the year, so remember to nominate all your favorites - especially if you read fandoms other than Sailormoon. We had a good variety this year but it was still pretty Sailormoon-heavy, I'd like to see a lot more eligible categories next time around. We could particularly use non-anime nominees, but anything non-SM would be helpful. Remember we take any fandom based on a work of fiction - books, TV, movies, video games, you name it. If you read it and like it, nominate it! :D [Clicky!]

And that concludes my (most likely) last .moon-related post here. From now on everything about will be posted over at [ profile] dotmoon. :)
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I've created a separate journal for updates and info regarding [ profile] dotmoon

I'll be using that journal to blog about new stuff I'm developing for the site, and to post announcements of new events or downtime. Anyone who belongs to .moon or is interested in what goes on there may want to friend the new journal. I won't be posting .moon stuff here anymore (at least, after announcing the start of voting for the UFO Awards, since I can't resist any opportunity to plug that :3).

[ profile] dotmoon!

(In other news, I will eventually be finishing my AN con report, but the UFOs are eating my soul. Maybe next week after voting has started.)
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The host's status page is back online with an update. A couple of key passages:

We are currently experiencing intermittent DNS outages on all of our nameservers, this is causing problems with sites and email functioning properly.

UPDATE (2007-04-08 03:20 PDT): It appears we are the victims of an Easter DOS attack against our nameservers, we have an admin at the datacenter and our network expert onhand to deal with it. Hopefully things will be back to normal shortly.

Ooookay. My nerd skillz are apparently lacking. A short Google trip later...

DOS attack: Short for denial-of-service attack, a type of attack on a network that is designed to bring the network to its knees by flooding it with useless traffic.

Ah. A nameserver outage would explain the off-network status page being down, if the host registers its own domains (which it most likely does). So now at least we have some idea of what's up. Sucks to be them even more than it sucks to be us.

EDIT 7:15 AM: And we're back online. :D
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.moon is currently unavailable. Our host appears to be having major problems. Not only is THEIR website down, but the status page which is supposed to be hosted on an entirely different system so it will be available in situations like this is down as well. And that makes absolutely no sense. Did the CEO take the cashbox and run, or something? o.o

Just last night I was thinking about how to pay for the next year of hosting, and now I'm back to thinking about jumping ship. -_- At the very least, we'll be getting that mirror site I've always talked about making.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted if I find out anything.
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Back at work for five days after once again hardly doing anything on my to-do list on my days off...

I was awakened in the middle of the night last night by a boom of thunder that was so loud that I, in my half-conscious state, thought it was an explosion or a plane crash. That sucker was LOUD.

Monday was my doctor's appointment. To start off, I saw a different doctor than I did the first time, because I couldn't remember the name of the doctor I saw and the person on the phone said she'd look it up - but gave me someone else. o_O So that was kind of a surprise. It's kind of good in a way, though, because if I'd gotten "it's nothing" again I was going to get a second opinion anyway, and it turns out the doctor I saw before didn't get my cholesterol checked for some strange reason. Still, I felt kind of bad about it, since my first doctor saw me in the hall and kind of looked at me as if she was wondering why I was seeing someone else, and I wanted to say "I didn't mean to! They told me the wrong name! It's nothing against you!" but I was too shy. Sorry nice doctor lady ;_;

So I had a EKG, which was fine, and different ear listening to my heart, also fine, but I also got my blood drawn again to test my cholesterol level (which I'm fully expecting to be through the roof -_-) and I'm going to be getting a wrist monitor to wear for 24 hours. I haven't noticed my heart skipping as much this week as it was before, though, it would just figure I'd finally go back to the doctor only to have the problem vanish... obnoxious body...

Then yesterday I had to help my dad move, so now I'm all stiff and my neck is sore for whatever reason. Yesterday was also .moon's primary birthday, marking one year since beta stage began. How time flies. I made a new solar system theme to be the new default for the site. Yes, Pluto is included. ;)

Tomorrow I have to upload the polished chapters of AAO (11 files) and the new chapter to five different archives. Argh. Gotta finish up chapter 14, too. It hasn't been going well. I write half of a scene and then decide the organization of it sucks and I have to rework the whole thing. Blargh.

Oh, I almost forgot. The category winners of the 2005 fanfic awards over on were announced. "True Soldier" won first place for Action/Adventure, beating out Papirini's "The Great Matter," and "Shattered" won first place for Drama, over "Ring of Fire" AND "The Great Matter." Two pieces of brief rambling I fired off for casual writing exercises won over two amazingly awesome deep stories that I'm sure took tons of thought and effort.

I feel cheap. :\
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For the first time since the site opened, there are no new stories on the .moon New page. There wasn't a single submission this past week. A couple of new chapters are all that saved the New page from being completely empty.

Is this where a year has gotten us?
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Mm... how about... a long-overdue entry I should've made on Sunday... and here I am making it on Wednesday... whee procrastination :D and now that it's so late, it'll probably be a lot shorter than it would have been.

Had a busy, busy Saturday. Behold!

Yes! The Fullmetal Alchemist movie was showing in a few theaters in my area this past weekend. Hooray!

Before that, though, was the Anime Detour staff picnic. I met some more people and learned some more details. I'm still on the outs thanks to my shyness, but I think I'm making progress, and if nothing else I'm showing the departments I'm participating in that I'm a reliable person who's here to stay and not just indulging a momentary whim. Man, I love having a local anime con to participate in year-round. It's so much fun just being associated with this thing. And it's going to be a lot more fun now. More stress, too, of course but lots more fun.

Because... I got a green light to plan a fanfiction contest for next year's con! :D :D :D

I spoke to the head of programming, who I mentioned in my con report was at the fanfic panel last spring, and she remembered I had brought up the idea and was still all for it. When she asked if I wanted to spearhead the effort, of course I said yes. I'm so excited! Of course, I have NO idea what I'm getting myself into, and I'm sure some folks on my friends list are going to tell me what a major idiot I am for volunteering to do this, but I don't care. Whee! I may regret it later but for now I'm just excited like crazy. Maybe it'll work out and maybe it won't, but I want to give it a try. At worst it'll be a new experience, and at best it'll be AWESOME.

But yes. So pumped! :D

After the picnic it was dinner and the movie with my dad. His girlfriend tagged along, which was a bit strange since she doesn't know anything about anime in general, let alone the plot of FMA, but whatever. I'd bought the tickets in advance just in case it was busy, but as it turned out the crowd was really small. There had been hardly any advertising for this thing, the only reason I knew about it was because it had been announced on the AD forum. The turnout was disappointing, but the situation was brightened a bit by the presence of a representative of the rarest of breeds - a MALE Ed cosplayer! xD He was way too tall for the character, of course, but still, bonus points.

The movie was great. I wish I'd gone on Friday so I could've seen it again on Saturday. Does anyone know if there's a second movie, or is this the end of the anime?

After Saturday I pretty much lazed around for the rest of my days off. I did some more work on my cosplay prop project, and it's almost ready for assembly, but I'm almost out of Wonderflex. I'll probably have to order some more before I can finish it. Grr.

Monday night was the upgrade on .moon's forum software. It went okay, there were some issues, but I have most of them straightened out now, I think. Definitely worth the minor hassles if it protects us from hackers for a while longer.

I'm behind on so many things, yet I keep having new ideas I just can't let go of. -_- I need to make a to-do list.
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Site's down.

Host suffered a power outage at their data center.

Details at 11.
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.moon AND its host are having trouble again.

Anyone got a good stable web host you can recommend? I've had just about enough of this crap.

EDIT: It's back up now, but still. The irritation, it burns.
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.moon's back up.
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Something's wrong with .moon's host, their main site is down as well as ours. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon since their entire network seems to be dead in the water, so if that's not high-priority I don't know what is.

For a bit of fun in the meantime...

That's my local anime con, baby, the one I'm now working for! :D

I'm in that video, in fact, but I doubt you'll be able to spot me. ;)
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.moon is fixed, if anyone out there hasn't noticed. Hopefully things will be working much smoother from now on.

I'm back from my monthly excursion to my hometown. It went pretty well, except I probably got myself in future trouble with my sister by telling my mom something I shouldn't have, and my grandma is in the hospital. Everyone thinks Grandma will be okay, though, so I'm not too worried. She's supposed to be going home tomorrow so I'm planning to try to call sometime this week to see how she's doing.

Last night my best friend and I went to a casino and I won $150 at the penny slots. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. The sad thing is, I feel rather guilty about it, since I'm the last person I know who needs an unexpected stack of cash. Things may not stay that way, however, since I've somehow misplaced my notebook containing my list of what bills I owe when, so I have NO IDEA what bills I have owing. Not good. That notebook also, unhappily, contains my running list of unwritten story ideas, and all my notes for "Fantaisie Sign." This could be bad.

Speaking of stories, I wrote a good chunk of chapter one of "Blood Red" over the weekend. There will probably be a half-dozen chapters of this. I said the same when I started AAO, and we all know what happened there, but I'm making a point not to enforce chapter size limits on this one so hopefully it won't balloon out of control.

In thinking about the story over the weekend I've hit on what seems to be the plot that was lurking under the surface of the initial idea. Earlier I wrote that I just wasn't feeling this fic, but I think I was looking in the wrong place. I've found the real meat of this story and now I'm genuinely excited about it. The focus of the fic has shifted a bit, so while the romance will be a key piece of the plot, it won't be the entire plot, and most of the fic is going to be entirely from Endymion's point of view. That last detail in itself makes "Blood Red" really unique as far as I can tell. The fandom can always use more Mamoru-centered fics.

On the other hand, the content of "Blood Red" is really starting to frighten me. It's really damn dark, and cruel, and twisted, and it kind of freaks me out that something like this is coming out of my brain. I'm going to write it, because I've become fascinated by the concept, but it's guaranteed to drive off half my readers and (I fear) a few friends as well. I kind of wish I hadn't told anyone about it so I could post it under my pseudonym. ^^;;

Moving on, I forced myself not to wimp out and went to the Anime Detour planning meeting this afternoon. Of course, I didn't know anyone and was shy as hell, so I didn't meet any new friends even though lots of people were introducing themselves to each other. -_- Not bad for a first step, though. There's always next time. Unfortunately I'm going to miss both con room parties they have planned. I did, however, volunteer to help out in the Ops department, and I plan to throw my name in for Tech as well for extra fun.

I'm sort of also on the website team, and have a leg up thanks to my PHP experience, but at the meeting I got out-geeked by these internet guys who went after the webmaster as if it were a job interview. -_-;; I have never seen so many people fighting so hard over the right to make some simple HTML website updates. It was incredible in a sad kind of way. And frustrating, because I KNOW I'm better at web stuff than any of those 1337 geeks. :P Anyway, got my foot in the door. I really wish I'd done this a year ago. There's semi-scary competition going on now. o.o

Man, I'm reeeeally tired. I do have to go to bed soon, since I'm working at 6 AM tomorrow morning, but I'm stalling. I'll be working regular 8-hour days this week and next week, which is 6 AM - 3 PM, which means I'll be on AIM a bit more often in the afternoons before bedtime. I hope to snag some rare chat time with some of you then.

Gosh, this ended up being really long.
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Sooooo they went ahead with the server move, which means more downtime. Sucks for now, but once this is all over, there shouldn't be any more problems. Patience folks...and my apologies for all this. -_-;;

I'm glad I have these days off of work, or I'd be going crazy without .moon to distract me! xD
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As you've probably noticed, .moon is still down. Apparently Dreamhost is having system-wide DNS issues affecting lots of sites.

On the positive side, the crabby note I sent yesterday got a response. They've offered to move .moon to a more stable server. If that doesn't fix the frequent downtime issues, I'll be moving the site to a different host when the year is up this September.

EDIT 5:20 PM: The site seems to be working again, for the moment. The server move may still be happening today, however, so it may go down again for a while. Otherwise, I've requested the site be moved next Wednesday morning, so there will be downtime then.
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.moon may be down for up to 4 hours. DNS issues. -_-

I'm starting to consider moving the site to a different host once my current hosting plan runs out at the end of the summer.

I also need to get cracking on the offsite status page I've been planning...


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