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Short report this time, because I spent most of the weekend running a room party and didn't set foot outside my hotel room for 8 hours straight both nights. I'm glad I did it, I've wanted to host a Sailor Moon party for ages, but if I'm going to do it again I need more help and shorter hours. @_@

On to the madness! )

The con, however, went well on the whole. And I think... I've decided to be back on staff officially next year. The year off did some good, and a lot of the stuff that had been bothering me personally doesn't matter as much anymore. I like being part of Detour. If I can balance everything I want to do, I'm gonna do it. ^_^
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Now for the fun stuff.

Saturday )

This post is crazy long due to pictures, so I'll split the con report again here.
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Hi, all. I'm back from the con, as of mid-Wednesday. I browsed my flist, but if there's something you'd like me to comment on, let me know. I'm finally going to get a bit of a break from things now, so I'm hoping to be around online more than I have been these past few months. Con report coming soon, most likely this weekend. But before that, because I want to show off more :3 a bit of a preview...

Look what I made! :D

more pictures! )
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Forgot to include these pics in Friday's report.

The venue )

Moving on...

Saturday )

Sunday )

Hey, it just occurred to me that I accomplished something impressive: I had a drama-free experience at Sakura-Con! xD From a lot of stuff I've read over the years, Sakura tends to be dramatastic. I certainly overheard a lot of drama going on. ^^; But besides the sickness, no drama for me! VICTOLY! :D

Now I have a blessed couple of days until Detour, and after that a nice break before Anime North. :)
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Okay, let's finish this sucker.

Saturday )

Sunday )

And now I fly out again tomorrow to go to Sakura-Con. @_@
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I finally did a makeup test today. I've never worn eye makeup before, and I did this in a huge hurry, and I mean HUGE hurry. So be aware it's not as smooth a makeup job as it will (hopefully) be on Saturday. Also, I don't have any eyeliner, I'll pick some up before I go. But beyond that, I'd like a little feedback if you have a moment, especially if you do cosplay or acting or photography or anything that involves makeup for costuming purposes. Also here you can see some of my new wig, and the new choker I made and the lovely necklace the lovely Ashaela made for me. :)

Beware, fat cosplayer ahead, yadda yadda...

holy big photos, Batman! )

Comments/tips? Too much/not enough? Bad lipstick color? Etc? I'm a bit concerned about the wig, it seems smaller and thinner than the first one I made. :\ I may bring both to the con just in case. The bangs, also, need a little fixing, I didn't have time to do it today. And one of the shoulder decorations on the dress came unglued over the winter; I'll fix that tomorrow.

Thanks for your input :)


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:48 pm
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Well, I tried the homemade dye method on my new Pluto wig.

I dunno )
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Guess what I have today? MEETINGS! Hooray! And it's my first day shift, so I'm already really tired! Oh joy! I haven't been sleeping well lately, so that doesn't help either. -_-

Had a good weekend, though. Friday seems to have disappeared, I can't remember what I did that day. Oh wait, haha. My dad came over and we went to see Be Kind, Rewind. Fun movie. It was funny and smart for the most part, and didn't have an impossibly perfect ending. I enjoyed it. Although I'm going a bit crazy now wondering if the characters were really saying what I thought they were saying at a certain bit. For a minute my attention to the dialogue lapsed, and the next thing I knew I was thinking "Wait, did she really just ask if he was in love with him?" Anyone else see this yet? Did I mishear?

Saturday night was Anime Madness mk. II, and it was much more successful than last time. With eight people, we had double the headcount of the first try. We filled the whole sectional and still needed more seating. Fun times! :D

I seem to have learned something about the Detour folks and advance notice. Give lots of planning time, get a handful. Give a mere week's notice, get a crowd. o_O

I also found some time in there to repaint the two rod sections of my Sailor Pluto staff. I still have to sand down and repaint the top, but I'm in good shape on this project. I added the clear coat on Sunday, which should be completely safe to handle when I get home from work today, but I may need another coat of that depending on how it turns out. Man, it's beautiful. I absolutely love this prop. I also started mixing the Sharpie ink dye for my new wig, which should be ready to use tonight.

Sunday was my sister's concert, she's in a community band in the northern suburbs. After that I was at Kale's the rest of the evening working on The Plan, of which there can be no details beyond the happy fact that good progress is being made. >3

Speaking of Detour, I got enough entries to go ahead with the new fanfic contest! I was worried for a while that there might not be enough, but people do love to submit their stories at the last minute. We definitely have enough entries to at least choose one winner, if not the full three. Happy joy! :D
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Some reminders to myself regarding cosplay.

  • Finish sanding down and repainting my staff. Don't forget the topcoat this time. Goal is to be ready to spraypaint this weekend. Needs: Spraypaint, topcoat, dropcloth.

  • Prepare Sharpie dye for darkening my replacement wig. Goal is to be ready to dye when the new wig arrives (likely this weekend). Needs: Sharpies, bucket, rubbing alcohol.

  • Style my replacement wig.

  • Make earrings. They're just studs, so I'm probably going to stick them on with spirit gum instead of making clip-ons. (My ears aren't pierced.) Needs: Materials (unknown ATM).

  • Obtain necklace. Hopefully Ash will have it ready in time. *crosses fingers*

  • Do a makeup test. I'll be needing feedback from the cosplayers on my flist, so be prepared for me to come bothering you. ;) Needs: Lipstick.

  • Make an improved choker. Needs: Fabric or ribbon.

  • Add a pocket to my dress so I don't have to carry a purse. Needs: Snap fasteners.

  • Add elastic to the top edges of my gloves so they'll stay up better? Needs: Elastic.

  • Figure out how the hell I'm going to get my staff on a plane.
Been a while since I posted. Nothing new going on really, just the usual work and making bentos and doing Detour stuff. It's almost March already. :O I'm both excited and terrified for con season to start. There's so much to be done, and only three weeks - three weeks! - before Anime Boston. Ah, the craziness. My tax refund should be on the way and I got my AMV entries in on time, so thus far I'm reasonably on top of things for a change. I decided at the last minute to try to squeeze in making a new wig, though, so who knows. And of course there's the UFO nominations ending and the Detour fanfic contest submission period closing, and the Anime North fanfic entries to be judged are piling up in my inbox. Crazy times. But I have hope.

Oh, I also need to order new business cards for .moon and myself and get going on the Detour contest prizes. And get my RenFest pictures printed out for Vay. *adds to reminder list* In retrospect, setting the UFOs in spring was not a good idea. @_@

In offline-land, it was my godson's fourth birthday this past weekend. I had to draw a giant Spongebob. I feel tainted. ;_;
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Sooooo... I did my first cosplay photoshoot. >.>

My costume still isn't 100%, but with winter coming, if I didn't do a shoot now I wouldn't be able to until next summer. So I went ahead and did it. I'll do another next year with the completed costume.

Hopefully by then I'll have lost some weight, too. Blargh. There's nothing like a ton of pictures to make you realize how fat you really are. -_- I'm really putting myself in the fire here by posting these, but I didn't go to all the trouble of getting dressed up and going out in public as Pluto for nothing. :P So here goes. There are a few in here I like, so it wasn't a total wash. Some guy said I looked like an Irish queen. xD

If you haven't guessed from the above, I'm a fat girl, if you have a problem with plus-size cosplay don't look. 30 images behind the cut, slow connections beware!

lonely princess )

Now I need a cosplay icon...
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Taking a break from a busy evening to post this. >)

First, to whom it may concern, I have friends flying in for a visit this weekend, so I'll have to miss the Detour meeting.

Now, as promised... my first cosplay! :D

Wow, is this going to be embarrassing. But it was fun. :)

I went into this as someone entirely new to cosplay, having never done any of this before. The most I'd ever done before this was some very basic sewing, little more than a big piece of cloth with a couple of seams in it. Even though it's a simple costume and didn't turn out perfect, it was still a good experience. ^^

Concept art )

Dress )

Wig )

Staff )

Next... me actually wearing the entire costume at AnimeIowa. Be warned, I'm a fat girl. If you have a problem with that don't look.

Full costume )

There's still much to be done, but for one day's wear on Saturday, it worked out okay. All in all, not bad for a first try IMHO. :)

More details on the process and work-in-progress pictures can be found in this thread on

Aug. 10th, 2007 03:58 am
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cosplay > me

It's 4 AM and I'm still not finished. I'm going to miss half the first day of the con tomorrow because I won't be awake to drive. And the only way I'm going to finish is if I spend half the day tomorrow in my hotel room working on it.

I should've given up ages ago. By rushing things I only messed it all up. :(


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