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Are they made from real Girl Scouts?
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I'm back after a few days off from work. Let's see what I still remember.

Sunday )

post-con craziness )

Anime North has been... really comfortable. I can't think of any better way to describe it. The programming might not be as refined as some cons, but the atmosphere is very relaxed, and I've felt at home and comfy there pretty much since the first year I went. And the multi-panel focus on writing and fandom itself is unlike any other con I've been to. First and foremost, though, attending this con has always been about the people. I'll miss going to AN, but the number of .moon friends that went this year was very much a one-time thing, and if hanging with the Fanboys is out, too, there's really no point. :\

Happily, this trip was a good one. ^_^ Thanks, everyone; it was great to spend time with you all. ♥
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Now for the fun stuff.

Saturday )

This post is crazy long due to pictures, so I'll split the con report again here.
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Now that I've recovered somewhat, it's time to start my con report, which will probably be easier than my usual since I didn't actually do a heck of a lot. With all the last-minute cosplay work, I didn't make it to a single complete panel I wasn't personally on. My con behavior seems to bend closer to the Fanboys' every year - a lot less programming, a lot more hanging out with friends (although for different reasons). ^_~

Con report starts earlier than normal, because this year there was Kasey! :D

pre-con antics! )

Friday )

But cosplay day is a story for part 2!
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Hi, all. I'm back from the con, as of mid-Wednesday. I browsed my flist, but if there's something you'd like me to comment on, let me know. I'm finally going to get a bit of a break from things now, so I'm hoping to be around online more than I have been these past few months. Con report coming soon, most likely this weekend. But before that, because I want to show off more :3 a bit of a preview...

Look what I made! :D

more pictures! )
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Holy crap, there's a fan/general writer's convention happening here in Minneapolis this summer! I have no idea what my schedule's going to be like at this point, but if I end up having the weekend off, what the hell. Never heard of it before, dunno if it's any good, looks like it started as a Buffy thing but expanded to other fandoms.

Still fumbling my way around Twitter. If I haven't added you yet and you'd like me to, let me know. Dreamwidth is slow going. So far my circle there is a bunch of memers subscribing to each other. That's kind of fun in its way, though. I'm thinking about intentionally keeping it like that.

I'm bored with a million things to do. I hate that. A lot of it is fun hobby stuff, too, but my brain's labeling it as "chores." Ugh. I think I need to make a list, though, stuff keeps slipping out of my mind and it's all edging across that red line into "urgent" territory. x_x

In no particular order...

  • Shel's cosplay. Hoping to finish attaching the net ruffle tonight. Remaining pieces of the Silence Glaive all need to be constructed with the first layers of gesso applied before I go to bed on Monday.

  • [ profile] sm_fanswap gift, due by the 10th at the absolute latest.

  • No Brand Con report.

  • Catch up on the .moon rewatch of the Sailormoon anime.

  • Finish reading Genbu Kaiden (AN panel study).

  • Rewatch of Fushigi Yuugi (AN panel study).

  • Finish rereading Death Note (AN panel study - if it goes through, I haven't seen it on any lists yet).

  • Mail the remaining Detour fanfic contest trophy which I keep forgetting about argh argh.

  • The UFO Awards. Close voting. Organize results. Create award graphics.

  • Burn DVDs and mail to [ profile] tmchiba for Anime Boston SM panel?

  • Mother's Day gifts/cards... aaaargh.

  • Harass phone company about the unburied cable.
I swear, so far 2009's been worse than college. When June rolls around and spring is finally behind me I'm spending my first few breaks from work lazing around doing absolutely nothing.
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For better or for worse, I've decided to give this Twitter thing a try. (I won't be using LoudTwitter, though. I don't expect anything I say on there to be worth saving.) I figure if I don't have time for full-on LJ posts I can at least keep in touch with people in my spare moments. So here ya go.

I'm too lazy to go crawling around my whole flist for usernames, so let me know who to follow. ;)

While I'm at it, anyone have a spare DW code lying around? lol latest, ino. /o\ Got one, but I probably won't get around to setting it up until later.
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I was at No Brand Con over the weekend. Con report later.

(Question for the peanut gallery. How the hell did Anime Detour get so big so fast? Is it the location?)

I'm dying from tiredness. Got day shifts today and tomorrow before I can sleep. Got an interview thingy this afternoon that I'm completely unprepared for, whee.

Finally watched Dr. Horrible. lol latest. Kind of obsessed atm.

Saturday night I dreamed [ profile] sache hacked into Stephen Colbert's computer. Might have had something to do with reading Chapter 10 of Watchmen the night before.

I'm screwed for [ profile] sm_fanswap.

I've lost the pattern I need for Shel's Princess Saturn dress. Going to track down a new one tomorrow evening if I don't find it before then. Almost finished building the remaining prop pieces.

Doing four panels at Anime North next month. I should track down one more for a registration refund, haha.

That's about it.
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Once again, I've been absent from LJ for a while. I pretty much only get on the internet at work these days, and with everything I have to do, that's not likely to change until after Anime North. My throat's been screwed up for three weeks now, my dad wants me to sing at his wedding in June, and I think I may have seriously hurt my ankle at Detour. Yay. No Brand Con is this weekend and I still haven't detangled my cosplay wig from Ohayocon. I'm almost afraid to open the box now.

Saturday I had an after-party BBQ for the Anime Detour staff. Sadly, the only day I could do it turned out to also be the day of the MISFITS trivia contest, but I still got a good turnout - about a dozen people came, many of them folks who'd never been to my anime nights or anything in the past. The setup I had in mind worked out well, with food and video games upstairs and anime downstairs. My sister is reluctant to unplug the Nintendo and move the second TV back up to her room, haha. There was a mini-crisis when the meat ran out, but a few people volunteered to run to the store.

There was a not-so-mini crisis when I made a stupid mistake and ended up with a little fire out on the deck. TJ saved the day on that one, but now I have to figure out how I'm going to tell my landlord that I burnt a small area between two of the boards out there. You can't even see it at a glance, and if I owned the house I wouldn't worry about it, but I don't. :\ Of course, I'm very lucky that's all the damage there is. There's a parallel universe where I don't have a home right now, and the awareness of that is probably going to sit on me for a while.

The same thing happened when I did that 360 into the ditch on I-35 a few winters back. For a couple of weeks afterward, I was stuck in a sort of fog of unreality, like any minute I was going to wake up from the dream where everything was okay and find myself in the hospital, or worse. I hate that feeling. Am I really at work right now? Which leg of the Trousers of Time am I really in? I'm trying not to let it ruin the party for me, since it was a great time despite the crises and I was very happy it went so well. They're good people, and great guests. For what other crowd can you host a ten-hour Saturday night party for twelve and have everything clean and back in its place half an hour later? We are such geeks, haha. I wish... I wish a lot of things.
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After an unintentional hiatus, I finally completed another 12 of 12! (Holy shit, he's been undergoing chemo?? Good to see him posting 12s again, but damn...)

pictures! with bonus con swag! )
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Blargh, I really want to get through the rest of this tonight if I can. It's the 12th, I'll have other things to post tonight. (It's the 12th, everybody! ;D)

Sunday )

Monday )

thoughts ) So that is the end of that.

Pictures of what little con swag I picked up will be added when I remember to take them. Maybe tonight.
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I seem to be continuing my tradition of dreaming about Detour over the week following the con. I suppose that's what happens when you spend five days with the same crowd.

I'm taking a break from typing up drabble contest entries to (hopefully) finish my con report...

Saturday )

So that was Saturday... and I think I'm going to be lazy and split my con report into three parts after all. xP

Back to working on the contest PDFs.

ETA: Some more press for the con.
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Back again after a long absence, this time due to Anime Detour. I've pretty much done nothing on LJ yet but scan my flist for posts about the con, so my apologies if I've missed something important. Ohayocon will now be added to my list of backlogged con reports, alas. Gotta do this one while it's fresh in my mind.

Detour went amazingly well. Being in an alien hotel, downtown, with a thousand more attendees, so many things could have gone horribly wrong, but on the whole the entire event went very smoothly. I had an absolutely fantastic time, which of course makes what I have to do all the harder. But con afterglow never lasts... particularly when it seems I'm being shuffled out the door even sooner than I'd planned. But that's a rant for another time.

Thursday )

Friday )
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Welcome to the middle of the crazy. I'll be your tour guide today.

These two day shifts at work are my "break" between two overbooked long weekends. You know you're busy when being at work is relaxing...

I didn't get everything on my to-do list done before my sister returned on Friday evening with my mom and [ profile] jambosana, but I took care of the really vital things. It was fun showing off the new place a bit. :3 It's not quite organized enough yet for me to take pictures to share, but it's getting there. Tons of sleeping space for guests. Detour 2010, anyone? :D

Saturday I made breakfast for everyone and then we all headed to my old apartment for the big task of the weekend - cleaning the old place. The office had given us an insane list of cleaning tasks. I knew we could've gotten away with much less, but it would be nice to get the full deposit back, and I feel better leaving the apartment in pristine condition. My mom has a lot of professional cleaning experience, so I knew we'd be on top of things with her there. Unfortunately, I was a bad bad favor-asker (what's the word for that?). I had things to do during the weekend that couldn't be avoided and I didn't end up putting much cleaning time in myself. >.> But I did as much as I could, when I could.

Feel free to kick me when I admit that the first "vital" thing I had to do was see RENT on Saturday afternoon. ^^;; It was the tour with the original Roger and Mark, so I really wanted to see it, and I'd promised [ profile] jambosana I'd go with her if another friend of hers couldn't make it. So after putting in a little cleaning time, we headed out. It was a close call, we got a little lost trying to find the theater but we managed to make it in time. The performance was all right. The voices were all excellent, which made it enjoyable enough. It was nice to hear Mark the way he's supposed to sound, and very cool to see the original guys on stage. Unadvertised but also revisiting her role was Gwen Stewart, the original voice of the homeless woman/rocking soloist character. Awesome. :D The acting, though... it was a matinee performance, and I got the feeling that most of the cast was just going through the motions, especially by the time intermission rolled around. There wasn't much energy there, except for Benny, of all people. Still, I'm glad I went.

After the show the cast was collecting donations for an AIDS charity, and Benny's actor was out in the hall with a bucket, so I got to add to his pot and compliment him on his performance. :) They were also selling Playbills autographed by the cast as a fundraiser, but by the time I made up my mind to buy one I just barely missed the last copy Ms. Stewart had. :\ But then we went outside, and Anthony Rapp was out in the side lot signing autographs, so I didn't feel so bad after that. :D (Should have taken a picture with my cell phone. Oh well.) It was kind of surreal... all these crazed fangirls were squeeing "You're my hero!" all over him, but he was calm and modest and didn't pay any of it much attention. (Kinda odd, in a way... IIRC he's a bit of an internet wanker. >.>) And then we got to our car and saw him walking off across the street, just like any regular guy. Funny. Better to be a stage celebrity than a movie star, I think.

By the time I dropped [ profile] jambosana off at her mom's and got back to the apartment, my mom and sister had 75% of the work done. o_o I was left with the kitchen, which was more than fair. We worked a few more hours and then I took them out to dinner as another round of thanks.

Sunday was more cleaning, but there wasn't much left to do, which was good since I had to leave them again for an Anime Detour meeting. I would have skipped it, except it was the last meeting before the con (this weekend! gah!) and also likely to be my last staff meeting period. If I don't have to work whatever day the post-mortem session lands on, I'll go to that, otherwise this was it. So I went, got a few final details lined up for the con, took meeting notes, got another slap in the face. Fitting punctuation, really. :| But all else aside, I'm looking forward to doing all I can at the con this weekend. Hoping to go out on a high note.

After the meeting I had to rush back to the apartment, where the cleaning was finishing up and we were able to squeeze in our move-out inspection before the office closed. The woman who came to do it marked a big ole OK on every room on the checkout sheet and seemed impressed with the work we'd done, so it looks like I'll be seeing some money. :D I took my mom and sister out to dinner again, since I felt bad that I hadn't been able to help more and they'd done a beautiful job, and then they took off for our hometown and I went straight to bed. My sister will be back tonight, but I expect to be asleep by then, I'm wiped and I have a day shift again tomorrow. x_x

I have another giant list of things to do, but I'll spare you all this time. I'm not going to be around much over the next week as the list is quite long. Someday, I'll have some time to relax...
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I'm still alive. I moved last Thursday and the cable/internet wasn't hooked up until yesterday, so I'm really out of the loop, but I've been in a great mood since moving day. I love the new place. It's beautiful and just the right amount of space, and although it doesn't quite feel like home yet I find myself constantly looking forward to spending more time there. I'm desperately hoping there won't be any neighborhood or landlord drama, as I'd really like to stay a while. (Not forever, though. I've firmly decided never to buy property controlled by an HOA.)

Life for the past week and the next two is consumed by unpacking, clearing out and cleaning the old place, and getting ready for Anime Detour. My mom's coming down this weekend to help us clean the apartment we're vacating. I'm hoping it won't be as horrendous a job as I fear, since I'm going to have to take off for a couple hours both Saturday and Sunday for a Detour meeting (last one before the con) and to see RENT with [ profile] jambosana (ino, ino /o\ but it's the anniversary tour with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, so I figure I'll see it this one last time and then be done with it).

A little reminders list of things I need to do before my sister gets back with my mom and [ profile] jambosana this Friday:

  • Change address at bank

  • Change address on driver's license

  • Change address with other firms on my list

  • Pay bills for the next month

  • Assemble the last bookshelf

  • Purchase drop cloths and an extension cord

  • Collect another carload of stuff from old apartment

  • Go grocery shopping

  • Check Staples for a large dry-erase board

  • Make last attempt to fix broken laptop

  • Prop work at Eric's (Friday)
And in general:

  • Settle the Detour fanfic contest results

  • Finish tweaking the Ops software

  • Update the department heads photo directory

  • Print new Iron Pen entry forms

  • Get the new costume props finished and Shel's dress started

  • Order remaining cosplay supplies

  • NaNo editing
So much to do...
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I'm moving tomorrow. If you had my address, it's no longer valid.

There's going to be a delay in getting my internet moved over, so I probably won't be around until Monday. I'll find wireless access somewhere to do the .moon update on Sunday.

AIM messages are still being forwarded to my cell phone, if you need to reach me. :)
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It's amusing the things you find when you're packing. My long-lost Sailor Pluto keychain, for example (yay!). A wedding invitation I never sent back the RSVP to (I suck). Some gift checks from my grandma that I never cashed (I really suck). My Kunzite/Endymion pr0n. >.> And the Dark is Rising series, which I didn't even realize I owned.

I've mostly just been packing, and stuff. I paid my first month's rent and picked up the keys for the new place. It's just as gorgeous as it was when I first saw it, and just as scary. I'm staying positive, though. I crunched the numbers again and I can easily afford it as long as I don't go nuts with my money. Or lose my job. Utilities seem to be having trouble recognizing that my new address does, in fact, exist. I suppose that's what happens when you live in a manufactured community.

I completely forgot about the 12 of 12 this month. I opened up my date book on Friday, noticed it was the 13th, and said "Crap." It was going to be my last 12 in my current home, too. Oh well.

What else was I going to say? Oh, I saw Watchmen. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to reading the graphic novel. Also saw Push. Enjoyed it more than Watchmen, to be honest. Both fun flicks, though. It's good to see Dakota Fanning having a career.

Also, a lesson. Never check your LJ on your sister's computer and forget to clear the browser history.

I didn't bother redoing our dry-erase calendar this month, so some reminders for myself this week:

Sunday: Anime Detour staff meeting, AnimeIowa hotel reservation, packing and work. Pick up a final batch of boxes. Pick up package from apartment office, notify them of moving plans.
Monday: 3 PM insurance appointment, 4 PM massage appointment, work
Tuesday: Packing and work
Wednesday: Drop off first month's insurance payment. Pester Comcast. Get all furniture ready to move. Empty all drawers, clear and clean all surfaces, disassemble what can be disassembled. Mail change of address notices.
Thursday: Move
Friday: Get paid, pay bills. Visit license center and bank to have address changed. Change address for other services online. Get the broken computer problem sorted once and for all. New phone line being turned on. Cable hookup appointment?
Saturday: Erick's Anime Detour pre-party
Sunday: Anime Detour badge assembly party

I just noticed the top cloud in my icon disappears sooner than it should when it passes behind the dragon, and now I can't stop noticing it. Hate when that happens.
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Not anymore, but:


As a bonus, Things I Learned Onmeme Today:

Privilege is being able to say it doesn't matter.

Post of actual substance maybe tomorrow. Sum up: I'm feeling better, but I've missed just about everything that's gone on over the past week, and I am completely screwed because I'm moving in two weeks and I keep working on new cosplay props instead of packing.
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Guess who ate chocolate-covered peanuts from the dollar store and gave herself salmonella? \o_ x_x

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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I'm getting back into the swing of things after spending Thursday through Sunday in Seattle. Still much to do, but things are finally narrowing down.

I was out there for the wedding of my last single friend from college. I am determined that we are not going to lose touch like I have with every other friend immediately after their wedding. In fact, while sorting through old stuff I finally found the thank-you note with the email address of one of my other friends, who I plan to try emailing sometime this week. Hopefully the address still works, I really miss her.

I went out for the wedding even though I wouldn't know anyone there but the bride, which made things very expensive and a little awkward sometimes, but I'm glad I did it. I was invited to the bachelorette party on Thursday, which was dinner at a nice restaurant followed by fun silly games at a hotel. Like trying to poke a broom handle through a toilet paper roll stuck between the bride's legs. Bwaha. x3 Some of the girls had made a funny and sweet video starring the groom, which we had some trouble getting to play but was well worth it. I also had a chance to start getting to know the bride's best friend, the maid of honor, who lives here in Minnesota (and organized all of this long-distance... wow).

Friday I had a free day, since I wasn't in the wedding party. I met up with [ profile] killyoudead, walked around for a while (the weather was GREAT out there!), and ate at a funky Jamaican vegan place. Then we got lost trying to find HER HOUSE. Really. [ profile] killyoudead made a voice post about it. >P But we eventually got there, and I ended up seeing Coraline again with her, since she hadn't seen it and last weekend was the last chance to see it in 3D. Good times. Even the lost-ness. :D

To prove it all, here's a picture of [ profile] killyoudead with a cat on her head.

kitty! )

Saturday was the wedding. It was a lovely ceremony, not too elaborate and not too simple. It was rather heavy on religion, which I expected, since the bride's become very serious about faith since joining this church and the whole congregation is the same way. But it was a small church, and a lot like a family, i.e. everyone was very attentive and involved and the pastor's message for the bride and groom was very personal. I've never been that solid on organized religion, but there was something special about being in a room filled with such overwhelming faith. These were people who really, truly, completely believe and practice what they preach. It felt genuinely sincere, especially compared to certain of my relatives whose overzealous faith is pastede on yay. >.> Being there, watching and listening to them, I could understand what's so attractive about a rock-solid faith in God.

Afterwards, of course, was the reception. After the receiving line I overheard the maid of honor trying to work out transportation with the bride's parents, so I offered my rental car. She was absolutely thrilled to see me there bailing her out again (I'd helped with transportation at the bachelorette, too). I was a little sad at not being more directly involved with the wedding, but at least I was useful in some ways. \o/

The reception was dinner and dancing, with the usual toasts and things. I think my friend really did try to throw me the bouquet as she'd joked she would, but it was caught by the person in front of me. And I missed the cake cutting, and things were a little awkward since I didn't know anyone outside of the bridal party and family. But I still had fun. I got a lot of good pictures, the bridesmaids came over and chatted with me, and the bride's father asked me to dance. /o\ Such a sweet gentleman. Things wound down rather early, as not a lot of guests were interested in dancing, and we saw the bride and groom off and that was the end of that. A lot of trouble for a friend I speak to maybe twice a year, but I'm glad I went. They're an adorable couple, the groom is a great guy, and I know they'll be good together.

Now I'm back, briefly, for a few days of work, and then I'm headed north for my godson's birthday party this weekend. And then it's moving time. Ugh. @_@


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