May. 3rd, 2009

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Holy crap, there's a fan/general writer's convention happening here in Minneapolis this summer! I have no idea what my schedule's going to be like at this point, but if I end up having the weekend off, what the hell. Never heard of it before, dunno if it's any good, looks like it started as a Buffy thing but expanded to other fandoms.

Still fumbling my way around Twitter. If I haven't added you yet and you'd like me to, let me know. Dreamwidth is slow going. So far my circle there is a bunch of memers subscribing to each other. That's kind of fun in its way, though. I'm thinking about intentionally keeping it like that.

I'm bored with a million things to do. I hate that. A lot of it is fun hobby stuff, too, but my brain's labeling it as "chores." Ugh. I think I need to make a list, though, stuff keeps slipping out of my mind and it's all edging across that red line into "urgent" territory. x_x

In no particular order...

  • Shel's cosplay. Hoping to finish attaching the net ruffle tonight. Remaining pieces of the Silence Glaive all need to be constructed with the first layers of gesso applied before I go to bed on Monday.

  • [ profile] sm_fanswap gift, due by the 10th at the absolute latest.

  • No Brand Con report.

  • Catch up on the .moon rewatch of the Sailormoon anime.

  • Finish reading Genbu Kaiden (AN panel study).

  • Rewatch of Fushigi Yuugi (AN panel study).

  • Finish rereading Death Note (AN panel study - if it goes through, I haven't seen it on any lists yet).

  • Mail the remaining Detour fanfic contest trophy which I keep forgetting about argh argh.

  • The UFO Awards. Close voting. Organize results. Create award graphics.

  • Burn DVDs and mail to [ profile] tmchiba for Anime Boston SM panel?

  • Mother's Day gifts/cards... aaaargh.

  • Harass phone company about the unburied cable.
I swear, so far 2009's been worse than college. When June rolls around and spring is finally behind me I'm spending my first few breaks from work lazing around doing absolutely nothing.


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