Mar. 25th, 2009

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I'm still alive. I moved last Thursday and the cable/internet wasn't hooked up until yesterday, so I'm really out of the loop, but I've been in a great mood since moving day. I love the new place. It's beautiful and just the right amount of space, and although it doesn't quite feel like home yet I find myself constantly looking forward to spending more time there. I'm desperately hoping there won't be any neighborhood or landlord drama, as I'd really like to stay a while. (Not forever, though. I've firmly decided never to buy property controlled by an HOA.)

Life for the past week and the next two is consumed by unpacking, clearing out and cleaning the old place, and getting ready for Anime Detour. My mom's coming down this weekend to help us clean the apartment we're vacating. I'm hoping it won't be as horrendous a job as I fear, since I'm going to have to take off for a couple hours both Saturday and Sunday for a Detour meeting (last one before the con) and to see RENT with [ profile] jambosana (ino, ino /o\ but it's the anniversary tour with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, so I figure I'll see it this one last time and then be done with it).

A little reminders list of things I need to do before my sister gets back with my mom and [ profile] jambosana this Friday:

  • Change address at bank

  • Change address on driver's license

  • Change address with other firms on my list

  • Pay bills for the next month

  • Assemble the last bookshelf

  • Purchase drop cloths and an extension cord

  • Collect another carload of stuff from old apartment

  • Go grocery shopping

  • Check Staples for a large dry-erase board

  • Make last attempt to fix broken laptop

  • Prop work at Eric's (Friday)
And in general:

  • Settle the Detour fanfic contest results

  • Finish tweaking the Ops software

  • Update the department heads photo directory

  • Print new Iron Pen entry forms

  • Get the new costume props finished and Shel's dress started

  • Order remaining cosplay supplies

  • NaNo editing
So much to do...


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