Feb. 24th, 2009

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I'm getting back into the swing of things after spending Thursday through Sunday in Seattle. Still much to do, but things are finally narrowing down.

I was out there for the wedding of my last single friend from college. I am determined that we are not going to lose touch like I have with every other friend immediately after their wedding. In fact, while sorting through old stuff I finally found the thank-you note with the email address of one of my other friends, who I plan to try emailing sometime this week. Hopefully the address still works, I really miss her.

I went out for the wedding even though I wouldn't know anyone there but the bride, which made things very expensive and a little awkward sometimes, but I'm glad I did it. I was invited to the bachelorette party on Thursday, which was dinner at a nice restaurant followed by fun silly games at a hotel. Like trying to poke a broom handle through a toilet paper roll stuck between the bride's legs. Bwaha. x3 Some of the girls had made a funny and sweet video starring the groom, which we had some trouble getting to play but was well worth it. I also had a chance to start getting to know the bride's best friend, the maid of honor, who lives here in Minnesota (and organized all of this long-distance... wow).

Friday I had a free day, since I wasn't in the wedding party. I met up with [livejournal.com profile] killyoudead, walked around for a while (the weather was GREAT out there!), and ate at a funky Jamaican vegan place. Then we got lost trying to find HER HOUSE. Really. [livejournal.com profile] killyoudead made a voice post about it. >P But we eventually got there, and I ended up seeing Coraline again with her, since she hadn't seen it and last weekend was the last chance to see it in 3D. Good times. Even the lost-ness. :D

To prove it all, here's a picture of [livejournal.com profile] killyoudead with a cat on her head.

kitty! )

Saturday was the wedding. It was a lovely ceremony, not too elaborate and not too simple. It was rather heavy on religion, which I expected, since the bride's become very serious about faith since joining this church and the whole congregation is the same way. But it was a small church, and a lot like a family, i.e. everyone was very attentive and involved and the pastor's message for the bride and groom was very personal. I've never been that solid on organized religion, but there was something special about being in a room filled with such overwhelming faith. These were people who really, truly, completely believe and practice what they preach. It felt genuinely sincere, especially compared to certain of my relatives whose overzealous faith is pastede on yay. >.> Being there, watching and listening to them, I could understand what's so attractive about a rock-solid faith in God.

Afterwards, of course, was the reception. After the receiving line I overheard the maid of honor trying to work out transportation with the bride's parents, so I offered my rental car. She was absolutely thrilled to see me there bailing her out again (I'd helped with transportation at the bachelorette, too). I was a little sad at not being more directly involved with the wedding, but at least I was useful in some ways. \o/

The reception was dinner and dancing, with the usual toasts and things. I think my friend really did try to throw me the bouquet as she'd joked she would, but it was caught by the person in front of me. And I missed the cake cutting, and things were a little awkward since I didn't know anyone outside of the bridal party and family. But I still had fun. I got a lot of good pictures, the bridesmaids came over and chatted with me, and the bride's father asked me to dance. /o\ Such a sweet gentleman. Things wound down rather early, as not a lot of guests were interested in dancing, and we saw the bride and groom off and that was the end of that. A lot of trouble for a friend I speak to maybe twice a year, but I'm glad I went. They're an adorable couple, the groom is a great guy, and I know they'll be good together.

Now I'm back, briefly, for a few days of work, and then I'm headed north for my godson's birthday party this weekend. And then it's moving time. Ugh. @_@


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