Jan. 27th, 2009

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I was so busy working on my sister's costume all weekend that I didn't get around to some things I really need to do before Ohayocon. I'm down to one night shift and a few waking hours before we go...

Before Con:

  • Figure out travel plans for Amanda's wedding

  • Submit fanfic event requests to [livejournal.com profile] revolutionaryjo

  • Continue working on first round of acceptance requests for the UFO Awards

  • Compose Dear John letter to current landlords

  • Create a packing checklist for self and sister's costume

  • Write up a travel plan for the drive

  • Finish sister's costume (dress hem, bag)

  • Patch gloves for my costume and attempt to clean dye from dress

  • Pack

  • Reply to overdue PMs

  • Close nominations for the UFO Awards

  • Potentially exchange some clothes at Fashion Bug

  • Check out Things Remembered for possible Iron Pen prize

  • Set up new router

  • Cleaning, sorting, and packing around the house

  • Email potential fanfic judges for Detour (Damn. I bet I don't have those email addresses anymore without my computer.)

  • Continue beta of [livejournal.com profile] custardpringle's nano

  • Upgrade SMF software on .moon

  • Research more potential new homes


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