Jan. 18th, 2009

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What is it about anime series following up their best serious episodes with supremely ridiculous ones?

In defiance of what I posted the other day about losing interest in anime, I've (finally) been watching Ouran High School Host Club. It had me until the episode where the Zuka Club shows up, and... erhm. Is it too late to cancel my RightStuf order for the second half? >.>

I had a pretty good week. I did a lot of shopping on my trip up north and got a bunch of new clothes. I bought a really nice coat on sale at Macy's a couple of weeks ago, which I love, but I didn't like wearing my normal old casual shirts under it, heh.

It's been freezing here lately, so much so that our apartment wasn't getting any heat. It's such a relief to have temperatures back up in the 20s. :)

Last night I took a few hours off to go with my sister to her company's holiday party. They served a great dinner, and a mock casino was set up where we could play for tickets for the door prize drawings. My company hires a similar service for the I.T. department's summer outings, but I've never done well there. It's a great way to learn the games without losing real money, though - and this time, crazy amounts of luck seemed to be on my side. By the time we had to leave, I'd made 7K playing blackjack. Too bad it was all in tickets! Maybe I should try it for real sometime. ;) There was also a cash prize drawing I chipped in a few bucks for, and I ended up winning $50 of my sister's coworkers' money. :D Now if they would only hurry up and hire her full-time!


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