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We interrupt this regularly-scheduled con report to bring you another round of Chad Darnell's 12 of 12. This month, the 12th landed on a trip to the Renaissance Festival! :D

9:30 AM: Waking up... a bit later than I'd like, but not too bad so far. Lots of sunshine, which is odd. I was expecting rain.

10:00 AM: Got all my costume pieces out of the closet, but I'll have to change when I get there; it's too hard to drive in a bodice. ^^;

12:20 PM: Finally there, costume on, ready to go. Photo courtesy of my car window. The happy thing about the standard Ren Faire dress is it's easy to change into at your car. xD Man, it takes so much longer to get out there from where I live now. I'll have to remember that for next weekend's trip.

12:30 PM: Inside! There were some crazy giant puppet things set up near the gate.

12:40 PM: Gotta love the pickle guys. I bet you'd just love to take a bite of his nice, big, juicy... pickle... >;3

12:50 PM: One of the competitors heading out to the jousting field.

1:55 PM: Giant rocking horse! :D I was waiting here to meet up with some friends who drove down from up north.

2:30 PM: Said friends, while watching a juggling/knife-throwing show. It's not easy to get a good picture of performances like this, but maybe I'll try again next weekend, they were really good.

4:00 PM: THE POWER OF BEER COMPELS YOU! This guy was drumming up business for the beer shack behind him. xD

4:20 PM: This place has some great audience-participation games, especially for children. This one reminded me a lot of the board game "Broadside" I used to play with my dad. Four different fleets were battling one another for treasure.

5:05 PM: Another such game. Love the giant chess pieces.

5:25 PM: My cousin, manning his usual post at Arms & Armor. He's been bringing his dog along, and answering the "What breed is he?" question so many times he's considering hanging a sign around his neck. xD (Shiba Inu.)

I ended up leaving pretty soon after this, which was odd, I normally stay until the closing cannon, but I wasn't feeling up to it. The sky had clouded over and things were more comfortable, but the few hours of really bright sun and humidity earlier in the afternoon really did me in. I'm very glad I decided to head for home right away, because I spent the rest of the evening being sick from heat stroke. Yaaaay. -_- At least I have another trip to look forward to. If the weather's like this again next weekend I need to remember to bring a fan.
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